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Episode 3
Power & Precision, A Winning Formula

Modena to Cannes

Johnny Herbert gives the 2018 GranTurismo the racing driver treatment

Man and machine in harmony

Just how good a drive is the 2018 GranTurismo? Johnny Herbert, the quintessential driver’s driver finds out. If anyone can put the GranTurismo through its paces and squeeze every last drop of performance from it, Johnny can. On the third leg of our journey, from Modena to Cannes, Johnny talks about pushing yourself to the absolute limit and discovers how well the ultimate sports car responds when it is driven hard. Joining Johnny on this iconic journey is Sky Sports Formula 1 Presenter Simon Lazenby.

“All the power this car has, it handles it brilliantly.”


Johnny Herbert is widely recognised as one of the greatest all-round racing drivers in the history of motorsport. From racing karts at the age of 10 to driving 160 Formula 1 Grand Prix races, achieving 3 wins and 7 podium finishes, Johnny has always been involved in all types of motor racing. He enjoyed particular success in the gruelling Le Mans 24 Hours, winning the title in 1991 and the Le Mans Series Championship in 2004.


Johnny has always been a massive part of Formula 1 and continues to promote the sport.


Maserati and Johnny Herbert. Both fearless. Both with a history of defiance, determination and a desire to succeed.


The Maserati brothers boldly defied the ordinary and dared to explore and challenge the norms. Johnny Herbert overcame some of the longest odds imaginable to succeed in one of the most competitive sports there is.


The relationship between Maserati and Johnny started in 2004, when Johnny joined the Maserati racing team to drive the MC12 in the FIA GT Championship.


Near-perfect front-to-rear weight distribution, with a marginal rearward bias, has always been a Maserati hallmark. With the GranTurismo and GranCabrio models this has been achieved by locating the V8 engine just behind the front axle. Out on the open road, or on the race track, the benefits this delivers include naturally balanced handling, optimum grip, superb steering feedback and precise directional stability.


“We go into this tight hairpin, change down, squirt the throttle – boom!”

- Johnny Herbert

“This is a sports car, a proper sports car”

With Massimo Bottura it is all about emotion, emotion and even more emotion. As he negotiates some thrilling hairpin bends he talks animatedly about his love of art, food ingredients and classic Maserati cars.

We hit the accelerator and talk great design, levels of craftsmanship and being passionate about minute details, over the powerful Maserati roar

For those who crave the thrilling road ahead and the boundless sky above. Maserati GranCabrio: enjoy a whole new perspective.

GranTurismo embodies the irresistible allure of true Italian style, combined with exhilarating, race-bred performance.

* Le CO₂ est le gaz à effet de serre qui contribue le plus largement au réchauffement climatique. Les émissions moyennes de CO₂ pour tous les types de véhicules proposés en Suisse (toutes marques confondues) s’élève à 129 g/km. La valeur-cible de CO₂ s’élève à 118 g/km (WLTP).

Les valeurs de consommation et d’émissions indiquées ont été déterminées selon les procédés de mesure WLTP prescrits par la loi. La procédure d’essai mondiale harmonisée pour voitures particulières et véhicules utilitaires légers (Worldwide harmonized Light vehicles Test Procedures, ou WLTP) est une procédure de test plus réaliste pour la mesure de la consommation de carburant et des émissions de CO₂. Les valeurs varient en fonction des équipements en option choisis.

Mais dans la pratique, les données peuvent parfois diverger significativement en fonction du style de conduite, de la charge utile, de la topographie et de la saison. Les données indiquées pour un

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Les modèles et les équipements décrits dans le présent document peuvent présenter des différences. Sous réserve de modifications des modèles et des équipements. Pour obtenir des informations veuillez-vous adresser à votre partenaire Maserati.