Image in Safety Demo: Surround View Camera Image in Safety Demo: Surround View Camera

Surround View Camera

The Surround View Camera increases the level of safety when you’re parking, making every manoeuvring procedure easier, smoother and, more importantly, less stressful.

Surround View Camera - 360-degree Maserati view - 4 cameras and display

How does the surround view camera work?

The Surround View Camera assists you during parking manoeuvres by combining all the information from the 4 cameras positioned around your vehicle to give you a 360-degree view of the area around your car: unparalleled visibility of your surroundings.
The cameras are placed in four positions: one on the front grille, two under the side view mirrors and a rear camera on the tailgate, between the number plate lights.

In all situations where it’s hard to see and assess the distance between you and already parked cars, vehicles, the cars with surround view camera system also provide dynamic gridlines to show your predicted trajectory. All the information gathered from the parking sensors will also help by alerting you to otherwise hidden obstacles.

How does car top view camera work together with rear view camera?

When the gear lever is shifted to R (Reverse) position, the top view and rear view of the car’s immediate surroundings will be automatically displayed on the screen. Instead, when the gear lever is shifted to P (Park), N (Neutral) or D (Drive) position, you can activate and deactivate this safety system by pressing the “Surround Camera” soft-key in the “Controls” section of the display. Once the “Surround Camera” screen is displayed, you can select the images to display from 4 possible options:
1. Rear view and top view
2. Rear cross path view
3. Front cross path view
4. Front view and top view

With option 1 and 4, you will be able to simultaneously check two different views. You simply have to pick the most convenient view considering the situation and the manoeuvre you are about to perform.
Surround View Camera and parking sensors - Maserati parking

Keep in mind how to use a view camera

  • You must always be careful and check your immediate surroundings cautiously before initiating any manoeuvre in order to spot other vehicles, obstacles, pedestrians or animals.
  • Once you have started the manoeuvre you must continue to pay attention to your surroundings.
  • You must always drive your vehicle slowly when you’re parking in order to be able to stop in time if an obstacle is detected.
  • The Surround View Camera system is designed to function properly during the day or under good lighting conditions. You must never rely on the system alone under poor lighting conditions.
  • The distance and trajectory lines must always be interpreted merely as a reference and only when the vehicle is on level ground.
  • Vehicles with surround view camera are intended to be used only by licensed and alert users and under the conditions specified in a vehicle’s Owner’s Manual.


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