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Highway Assist System

The Highway Assist System (HAS) allows you to feel even more comfortable and safe while driving on highways or limited access motorways. Combining Adaptive Cruise Control with Lane Keeping Assist, HAS is a level 2 Autonomy system.

Highway Assist System - Maserati Levante, Ghibli and Quattroporte front view driving on a highway
Picking up information from both a radar sensor located on the front grille behind the trident and a forward-facing camera behind the rear-view mirror, HAS performs three crucial functions at the same time:
- maintains the desired speed that you previously selected
- maintains the chosen distance from the vehicle in front
- keeps the vehicle in the centre of the lane by actively controlling the steering wheel
Even though HAS is a partially automated driving system, many factors can impact the performance of the Highway Assist System preventing it from functioning as intended. HAS is unable to guide the vehicle and assist the driver when visibility is poor: this can happen when you’re driving on hills or sharp bends, when the forward-facing camera is obstructed or damaged, or when a bright light faces the camera.
You must always be aware of surrounding traffic and be extra-careful in bad weather, as heavy rain, snow or fog can drastically change the road conditions.
Maserati Highway Assist System - how it works

Hands detection on the steering wheel

Designed for a fully attentive driver, HAS is a hands-on feature: the sensors in the outer crown of the steering wheel are able to detect the presence of your hands. That’s why you must keep your hands on the steering wheel at all times. Keep in mind that the sensors are not able to detect the presence of your hands if they are placed on areas that are covered in wood, plastic bezels or carbon inserts. The system will automatically disengage if your hands are removed from the steering wheels for a set amount of time.

Keep in mind

  • HAS is designed to only function on highways or limited access motorways.
  • HAS requires you to keep your hands on the steering wheel at all times.
  • You must always be aware of surrounding traffic and road conditions.
  • You must always be ready to immediately take control of your vehicle.
  • Other factors can negatively impact the performance of HAS: narrow, winding or twisty roads; bright lights or shadows; construction zones; other equipment generating electromagnetic waves.

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