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Extended Warranty

With the exclusive Maserati Extended Warranty program, you can extend the warranty coverage of your Maserati up to the fifth year without mileage limits.
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Maserati Extended Warranty Program

Maserati Extended Warranty provides the same cover as your contractual warranty up to the fifth year after the registration date, with no limits on mileage. What’s more, you can always count on our highly skilled Maserati technicians, and for extra peace of mind, this program also includes Maserati Mobility services.1

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Go to the distance

Go to the distance

Your Maserati was built to perform at the highest level, while also providing superb comfort and practicality – whether you’re commuting or crossing a continent.

We firmly believe that nothing should compromise the enjoyment that all this delivers. This is why we created the Extended Warranty program for the Ghibli, Levante, Quattroporte, Grecale, Granturismo and GranCabrio.

Only for the best vehicles

To benefit from all that Maserati Extended Warranty has to offer, there are a few requirements: • All routine and extraordinary maintenance operations required by Maserati are recommended to be duly performed by an authorised Maserati Service Centre, as well as all the operations required by the mandatory service and/or recall campaigns notified by Maserati. • The vehicle systems must not have been involved in major accidents or have been tampered with. • The vehicle must not have taken part in racing competitions. • The vehicle must not be stolen. The following exclusions also apply to the Extended Warranty: • Routine maintenance and the cost of consumable materials or materials subject to normal wear and tear. • Changes or deterioration of the paint, chrome plating, upholstery due to normal wear or inappropriate use. • Faults not due to material or construction but to improper use, accidents or use in racing competitions. Please contact your authorised Maserati Dealer for more information.

Electrifying comfort and performance

Electrifying comfort and performance

Your Maserati Folgore has been designed to provide you with future-forward performance while ensuring exceptional comfort and functionality.

Discover the warranty extension program dedicated to your Folgore.

Electrifying comfort and performance

Exhilaration and comfort assured

Exhilaration and comfort assured

For an uncompromised experience on your MC20, we have designed the Maserati Extended Warranty program that allows you to extend the warranty coverage up to the 7th year without mileage limits.

All warranty and maintenance work is carried out at official Maserati dealerships by highly skilled Maserati technicians using Maserati Genuine Parts.

There are two program options:
• Maserati Extended Warranty provides the same cover as your contractual warranty up to the 5th year after the registration date.
• Maserati Limited Extended Warranty offers protection for the main mechanical components of your car – the engine, gearbox and transmission − up to the 7th year after the registration date.2


The Essentials


The program provides the same cover as your contractual warranty up to the fifth year from the registration date. With no mileage limit upon activation and thereafter, the Extended Warranty package also includes mobility services, and can be transferred in case of a change of ownership.

The Extended Warranty can be activated one or more years at a time, during the contractual warranty period, or with the option of early activation for maximized benefits.


Complete your grand tour in style


When you choose Maserati Extended Warranty in Europe, you also benefit from the extra peace of mind that comes from an extensive Roadside Assistance package. Maserati Extended Warranty Assistance covers you 24 hours a day, all year round.

To benefit from all that Maserati Extended Warranty has to offer, get in contact with your authorized Maserati dealer to discover more about requirements and exclusions.


Download the Extended Warranty program e-brochures

Discover all the details and take them with you, by downloading the Extented Warranty e-brochure.

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