Go for the original fit

There’s little better than driving a Maserati knowing that it’s regularly serviced by our skilled technicians with Maserati Genuine Parts.

To make sure your Maserati keeps performing at the highest levels, we manufacture parts you can trust and select  partners who pursue the same level of excellence. 

Maserati Genuine Parts & Fluids are designed and engineered to perfectly fit with all the other components on your Maserati, assuring the most reliable and solid performances.

Maserati Genuine Parts Maserati Genuine Parts

Maserati Genuine Parts

Maserati Genuine Parts are developed with accuracy and precision to make sure your Maserati will keep running mile after mile in superb condition.

Perfectly designed to fit in the car and work with all the other components in line with the authentic technical specifications, the original spare parts ensure optimal performance, comfort and reliability. This is why you should choose Maserati original spare parts every time a part needs replacing, to preserve the sporty spirit of your Maserati.


Fluids play a crucial role in the vehicle's perfect operation, durability and performance.

The importance of a vehicle running smoothly and efficiently cannot be left to any ordinary fluid, this is why Maserati selects only the best products specifically created to protect and extend the vehicle lifetime, optimising its function and reducing fuel consumption.

Fluids Fluids
Technical Partners Technical Partners

Technical Partners

Maserati aims for excellent products and outstanding performance.

With a shared passion for excellence and innovation, Maserati and Shell have started a long term collaboration for the development of high-quality products specifically dedicated to Maserati engines.