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MC20 Cielo Accessories

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Branded floor mats

Customize your MC20 with the Branded Floor Mats to add an even sportier touch to the interiors of your Maserati. Complemented by a black faux leather insert with diagonal seams and embroidered MC20 logo, the kit consists of two sturdy black carpet floormats. With matching buttons, the floormats attach easily to the car's floor covering it completely and leaving the pedals free of obstruction.

Personalized doorsills

The Personalized doorsills feature your initials of choice as well as the iconic Logo. The personalization is created with precision using tone-on-tone laser technology. These doorsills add a touch of elegance and uniqueness, reflecting your personal style and elevating your vehicle's interior.

Carbon wheel center caps

Strongly evocative of the Maserati performance and sporty soul, the Carbon Fibre Wheel Centre Caps with the iconic Maserati Trident logo as a centerpiece, instill the wheel rims with racetrack energy.

Valve caps with logo

No detail is too small to be highlighted. Available in three colour variants (black with silver Trident, black with red Trident, silver with blue Trident), the Branded Valve Cap Kit is distinguished by the iconic Trident logo at the centre.

Tridente wheel rim

A small masterpiece, perfectly balanced and technologically advanced. The Maserati range of bold, elegant and sporty wheel rims maximizes your car’s soul, speed, power and style.

Personalized indoor car cover

The Indoor car cover with the exclusive gradient design offers an additional level of personalization, as it can be customized with your initials. Made from high-quality snag-resistant fabric, it transitions from the iconic Maserati blue to a delicate pearl white hue, ensuring a perfect fit that enhances the car's bold style even when it's covered in the garage.

Emergency Kit

The Emergency Kit contains everything needed to stay safe at the roadside. Coming in an elegant black case embellished with the Maserati Logo, it fits into the MC20 front bonnet compartment. The kit includes: hazard triangle, reflective vest, first aid kit, gloves, ice scraper. The items in the kit may vary from country to country.

Security Stud Bolt Kit

Add more safety to your wheel rims with the black-finished bolts. Functional and paired to the wrench in the kit, they cannot be removed by any other tool. The full kit protects all your wheel rims and includes the wrench and four security bolts.

Indoor Car Cover

Cover with style your MC20 Cielo with the exclusive Indoor Car Cover. Specifically designed for this super sport car, the cover features the iconic logo repeated to form an unmistakable pattern. Made of breathable bi-elastic material and with a soft napped fabric lining, it enables a perfect snug fit, maintaining the MC20's unique style even when safely covered up in your garage.

Protective Films

Essential on a high-performance vehicle, the Protective Films allow to enjoy an exhilarating drive without hesitation, shielding the paintwork from any damage. Make sure you can appreciate the performance that your MC20 has to offer, knowing that your super sport car won’t suffer any consequences. Perfectly transparent and made to measure, they are available in matt or glossy version and can be removed easily without leaving any trace behind.

Microfiber Cloth

Keeping your Maserati Touch Control display free from fingerprints is a simple matter with the specific Microfiber Cloth. The new MC20 pattern is specially designed to clean and protect your touchscreen and keep it completely smear-free.

Luggage Set

The incomparable luxury of Ermenegildo Zegna Italian design is reflected in this unique luggage set. Made of Nylon and PelletessutaTM and embellished with a black Trident logo at the front, the set comprises five pieces that fit the MC20 luggage compartment: holdall, shoe case, garment bag, toiletry bag, mini clutch. 

Battery Charger & Maintainer

The Battery Charger and Charge Maintainer ensures an optimal charge and considerably extends the battery’s lifetime, to guarantee superlative, thrilling performance on board MC20 at all times. Very user-friendly, it does not require any settings and can easily be connected to a standard power point. It can be left connected to the car for long periods without any risk of damage.

Some models, equipment and accessories may not be available or may only become available after the car’s launch on the market. Maserati reserves the right to modify colours, designs and technical features at any time and without prenotice. Official Maserati Dealers will be glad to provide further details and updates in this regard.

Download the Maserati Accessories e-brochure

Discover how to enhance your Maserati with our exclusive accessories brochure.

Your MC20 has been engineered to perfection to assure you the ultimate level of driving, regardless of how far you travel, or how fast you choose to drive.
Nothing should compromise the emotions that your MC20 delivers, this is why we have designed the Maserati Extended Warranty program.

Build your own Maserati MC20 Cielo

Build your own Maserati MC20 Cielo

Every Maserati is like a work of art constructed with the care and attention that only the human hand can provide.