Maserati Multi 70 and Giovanni Soldini set the new Monaco to Porto Cervo multihull record - The Italian Team’s time is 7 hours, 50 minutes and 44 seconds

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Giovanni Soldini and Maserati Multi 70’s Team arrived in Porto Cervo at 9:09 38” on March 21st, setting a new Monaco to Porto Cervo multihull record, sailing 195 miles in 7 hours, 50 minutes  and 44 seconds. The Italian crew’s record is only 2 minutes and 47 seconds better than the one set by MOD70  Phaedo3 in 2016 with Brian Thompson (7 hours, 53 minutes and 31 seconds and an average speed of 24,71 knots).  

The Italian trimaran crossed the starting line off Monaco at 1:18 54” on Sunday March 21st and picked up speed towards Corsica. Soldini commented: «At first we were sailing really fast with 25/30 knots of north easterly wind, reaching up to 38 knots of speed, then the wind dropped before the Strait of Bonifacio for a  couple of hours. Luckily, the wind got stronger again and we started speeding up in the strait. It’s been really incredible, we crossed the finish line sailing at 35 knots! We knew this would be a risky window because of  the light wind near Corsica, but we wanted to try anyway and we did our best, pushing Maserati Multi 70 to the maximum, and we did it: we’re all very happy, and exhausted!»  

The record will be ratified by the World Sailing Speed Racing Council in the following days. Aboard Maserati Multi 70, with Giovanni Soldini, there was also Vittorio Bissaro, an Italian Olympic sailor and Nacra17 World  Champion, who already raced with the trimaran’s crew in many occasions. With them, Guido Broggi, Carlos Hernandez Robayna, Oliver Herrera Perez and Matteo Soldini.  

Maserati Multi 70 was back into the water at the end of February, after almost four months in the shipyard. In the next weeks Soldini and his crew will be training and testing the latest improvements made to the  trimaran. In fact, Maserati Multi 70 is the "laboratory boat" to which the Modena Innovation Lab engineers  have transferred their aerodynamics, technological innovation and performance know-how. These are the  same values that guide the Maserati team of engineers and technicians in the development of all the new models of the new Maserati Era. 

In the next days, the Italian Team will set sail towards England, looking for new records. 


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