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The emergency call is to be used when there is a concern for the health of individuals. The call goes to an operator of a specialised operating centre contracted by Maserati. In case of emergency, the operator receives the vehicle’s position and the status of the vehicle’s safety systems and verifies with the driver the type of emergency support that is needed (Ambulance, Fire Brigade, etc.) The emergency call can be activated manually, using the Help button on the vehicle’s overhead lamp housing, tapping the “Help Call” icon on the radio screen home or tapping the “Help Call” icon on the Maserati Connect app, found in the Assistance menu; it activates automatically in case of an airbag deployment or rollover.



The roadside assistance call is to be used when there is a vehicle-related problem: the call goes to Maserati’s roadside assistance provider where the operator verifies with the driver what kind of support is needed. The service is available only where the customer has an active roadside assistance coverage. The roadside assistance call can be activated manually by tapping the “Roadside Assistance” icon on the radio screen (found in the assist call menu) or by tapping the “Roadside Assistance” icon on the Maserati Connect app (under the Assistance menu).



In case of a warning signal, a vehicle health alert card is displayed in the Maserati Connect app, tapping on the vehicle health alert card, which enables you to see the type of alert. Warnings are reported for the following systems: powertrain, brakes & suspension, oil & fluids, safety systems. Moreover, you will receive a monthly vehicle health report via email. The vehicle health report includes status of: powertrain, brakes & suspension, oil & fluids, safety systems.

The trust of our customers is our most precious asset. For this reason, we attach the utmost importance to the protection of their data, also when it comes to Maserati Connect. Your Basic Maserati Connect services are activated at the end of the production line.This is done for safety reasons and to guarantee the best connected experience. Therefore these Basic services cannot be deactivated. Maserati Connect uses digital security systems that protect from unauthorized access and only transmits data in encrypted form.


You receive a push notification on your smartphone when the car is tampered with (battery disconnects, car alarm sets-off, accelerometer sense movement).



You can call a secure operating centre to assist with recovering the car after having declared the theft to law enforcements. The secure operating centre can locate the car and liaise with police to coordinate the attempt to recover the vehicle. In the Maserati Connect app, you can go into the assistance menu, find the phone number for stolen vehicle assistance, and call from there



In case of unauthorised usage of the car, the secure operating centre is alerted automatically. The secure operating centre will contact you to assist with the recovery process. This service is Thatcham S5 compliant.

*Available for UK market only.



As push notifications appear on the radio screen regarding Maintenance, Vehicle Health (Brakes, Oil, Tires, Battery), and other Services, you will be prompted to call Customer Service to receive specific assistance.

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