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The MC20 prototypes

MC20 Prototype driving up to Accademia Militare di Modena
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MC20 Prototype driving up to Accademia Militare di Modena Maserati Levante

The MC20 prototypes

  • Prototypes are a fundamental phase in new models’ development.
  • 15 Maserati MC20 prototype cars were developed during the last few months, despite the Covid-19 situation.
  • Three unique cars in distinctive liveries represent three iconic aspects of the new MC20 supercar and the Brand: MC20 Prototipo Italia, MC20 Modena Edition and MC20, MC12 Tribute.

Prototype cars are an important phase in the development of new models. In fact their testing programs (on road and track, in various conditions of use) yield vital data for the preparation of the car's final setup.

Reflecting Maserati’s ceaseless hard work and audacity during the last few months despite the Covid-19 situation, the engineers at the Maserati Innovation Lab never stopped working and developed no fewer than 15 MC20 prototypes.

The evolution of the Maserati New Era has been supported by the new supercar’s unique prototypes. Every prototype tells its own story, and pays a very special tribute.

The prototype cars, each characterised by one-off paintwork created by the Maserati Style Centre, are three-dimensional manifestos, graphic interpretations that each highlight a core aspect of the Brand’s new Era. 

The three prototypes have thus become three tributes to the Trident Brand: from honouring its Italian DNA to the commemoration of its roots - Modena - and the celebration of the MC12, looking ahead to the planned racing comeback. 

Maserati's DNA is 100% Italian and the paintwork of the MC20 Prototipo Italia showcases the colours of the country’s flag - green, white and red - subtly blending them and combining them with the repeated name MC20 in grey. The prototype is dedicated to Maserati’s Italian identity and its status as a global icon of the country’s exceptional craftsmanship, reminding us that all the new Maserati models will be developed, engineered and produced 100% in Italy. 

“Starting from our roots to build our future.” This is the statement of intent embodied in the second prototype: MC20 Modena Edition.

MC20 Modena Edition is in the colours of the city of Modena: dark blue and yellow.

It underlines the symbiosis between the automotive company and its home town, a union based on the audacity and passion of Motor Valley.

There’s no place like Home, and for Maserati, Home means Modena, the place where it has an unbroken 80-year history of building extraordinary cars, all extraordinary in their luxury, elegance, style, performance and quality, sold in more than 70 markets. The new MC20 supercar could have been built nowhere other than here, at the Maserati plant on Viale Ciro Menotti, where the specially modernised production line will also accommodate the future electric version. 

MC20, MC12 Tribute pays homage to the multi race winning MC12, the car that marked Maserati's return to racing in 2004 after a 47-year hiatus, of which the new super sports car is the natural evolution.

In fact, with MC20, Maserati will make an eagerly awaited comeback to competition.

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