The 2018 Maserati 100

Recognising one hundred game-changing entrepreneurs


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Dedicated to celebrating the positive impact entrepreneurs have on the British economy and society as a whole, The Maserati 100 in partnership with The Sunday Times recognises one hundred game-changing entrepreneurs who are true innovators in the business world.

Usually, managers equate innovation with creativity. But innovation is not creativity. Creativity is about coming up with the big idea. We are celebrating entrepreneurs who have had a big idea and converted it into a successful business.

Nominations ran from Friday 9th March to Monday 26th March 2018 and are now closed. Thank you for all your nominations for this year's prestigious Maserati 100 in partnership with The Sunday Times. Apologies if your nominations didn’t make this year’s list; the Maserati 100 is hotly contested and demonstrates the healthy entrepreneurial environment that the UK boasts. Please look out for the opportunity to nominate next year as the brand continues to celebrate entrepreneurship in the UK.

The full 2018 Maserati 100 will be published in The Sunday Times on Sunday 29th April, with a special event held in London in early May 2018 to celebrate. Click here to find out more information, exclusive interviews and video content about the Maserati 100.

Highlights From The 2017 Maserati 100

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Claire Cockerton co-founded trade body Innovate Finance, is also behind Plexal which has converted the former Olympic media centre into a home for more than 800 tech start-ups and small companies.
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Paul Lindley founded Ella’s Kitchen, making organic baby food. It employs 70 people in the UK with 32% of the market. Global turnover is more than $100m.
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Selling tea to China was Ricky Kothari’s big idea. His company offers one-serve tea sachets in micro-perforated packaging “sticks” that double as a stirrer.
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Tom Adeyoola created Metail, a virtual fitting room that allows shoppers to create 3D models of themselves and try on clothes

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