gh_pulsante-corsa_square Fuctionalities of Driving on Ghibli Trofeo
From road to track performer at the push of a button. By activating the “Corsa” mode you’ll immediately experience a faster throttle response, quicker gear shifting and an even more powerful exhaust soundtrack.
White Levante Trofeo detail of rim Levante rim
Closeup of Levante Trofeo rim
Rev up the engine, unleash the full Trofeo power. Activate the Launch Control electronic aid when in Corsa Mode to safely take off with faster acceleration from a standing start.
gh_7-8-posteriore_square gh_7-8-posteriore_vertical
The IVC system anticipates any issues that could cause instability and counteracts it in the blink of an eye. It means increased safety, better agility, and a greater driving experience.
Closeup of Dashboard od Quattroporte Trofeo Closeup of Dashboard od Quattroporte Trofeo
Driver Assistance System on Dashboard
Any Maserati is a car you want to drive, but a “Trofeo” is a Maserati you know you need to drive. And when you do, a comprehensive range of Level 2 Advanced Driving Assistance Systems, the highest level of autonomous driving currently permitted, will help you reach your destination with elevated safety and minimal stress.
Maserati Logo icon for Maserati Connect QP_connect_2
Maserati Logo icon for Maserati Connect
Maserati Connect will seamlessly link your car to your habits and needs, leaving you free to enjoy driving at its best.

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