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Forward Collision Warning Plus

Forward_mobile Forward_mobile

The Forward Collision Warning Plus system (FCW Plus) increases your safety by reducing the risk of rear-end crashes, one of the most common types of car crashes, especially in heavy traffic situations.

FCW Plus constantly scans the road and monitors the cars in front by picking up the information from the forward-looking radar sensor as well as the Electronic Brake Controller (EBC). When the Forward Collision Warning Plus system detects a vehicle and determines that a forward collision is likely to happen, you will be instantly provided with a visual and an audible warning along with a warning brake input.

If you don’t take action upon these initial progressive warnings, the Autonomous Emergency Braking system (AEB) kicks in. The system will automatically apply the brakes as required in order to perform an emergency stop and avoid a rear-end collision or limit vehicle damage.
When the safety system determines a collision with the vehicle in front of you is no longer probable, the warning messages will be deactivated.



FCW sensitivity settings

The Forward Collision Warning Plus sensitivity can be set to “Near”, “Medium” or “Far”. The default status is the “Medium” setting but you always have the possibility to adjust this setting to your driving style:

  • The “Far” setting will warn you of a possible collision with the vehicle in front when you are farther away: this setting provides the best reaction time to avoid a possible collision, even though it could sometimes lead to some more unwanted warnings.
  • The “Medium” setting gives you a little less time compared to the “Far” setting, but at the same time it should lead to less undesired warnings.
  • The “Near” setting warns you of a possible collision with the vehicle in front when you are much closer: this setting provides less reaction time.

Keep in mind

Keep in mind

  • You must always remain attentive to the road conditions especially in a bad weather.
  • You must always be ready to prevent any danger as the system can be challenged by many factors: poor visibility due to insufficient illumination of the road, or excessive glare from direct sunlight or reflections from oncoming traffic.
  • You must always drive safely to avoid critical situations not relying on the support of the system.
  • FCW Plus is intended for on-road use only: you should always deactivate it when you take the vehicle off-road to prevent unnecessary warnings.