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Defining a Maserati SUV

The power of an SUV

Wherever the road might take you, now you’re able to get there. Wherever you need to go to follow your passions and hobbies, a SUV will undoubtedly get the job done. With such a high ground clearance, not only you will rekindle your boring daily commute, but you will dominate the roughest terrain, tackling the dirt. As a combination of an off-road vehicle and a sedan, SUVs – short for “Sport Utility Vehicle” – have a powerful look, a tall body and a muscular profile. Maserati gave life to a luxury SUV, blending their grand-touring tradition with the most valuable aesthetic elements of true Italian style. It is an incredible interpretation of elegance, strength, and race-bred energy that inspires long-distance, luxurious travel as well as off-road driving.

A prototype for the future success
At the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show, Maserati presented a quite unexpected prototype named Kubang, a sporting crossover meant to be the forerunner of a new car type for the brand. It meant the possibility to enter a whole new market segment, but it also meant continuity because Maserati had every intention to live up to the Trident’s DNA: sportiness and luxury. That’s why many design elements were meticulously in line with the style and the heritage of Maserati, like the triangular C pillar or the triple air vents. And the beauty of new stylish features was attested by the fact that they would be later shared with the new Quattroporte and Ghibli.

The power of an SUV today


Sideview of Maserati Levante
From gale force strength to historic memories
At the Geneva Motor Show in March 2016, the Trident unveiled the Maserati of SUVs, the first-ever SUV of the trident family. With the Levante, Maserati expanded its model line-up and now has a range that covers the whole of the global luxury automotive market. Maserati has a history of naming its cars after famous winds – and in fact the Levante is a warm Mediterranean wind that can change from a gentle breeze to a majestic gale. But here’s a less known fact: when the Maserati brothers came home after World War I in 1919, their workshop in via de’ Pepoli started to feel a little bit too small for their ambitions. That’s why on April 1, they move to a new place located in via Emilia Levante. Here’s how a cherished memory mixed with the immortal concepts of sportiness and luxury took the form of an elegant, comfortable, high-performing sport luxury SUV.
Signature of power
The design of the Levante distinctively recalls authentic Maserati heritage. Its silhouette creates a strikingly good-looking exterior and a seductive shape. The muscular, arching front wings bear the iconic triple air vents and the exclusive Saetta logo is located on the steeply tapered rear section. The Twin-Turbo V6 petrol engines for the Levante are designed to deliver on all expectations, offering roaring responsiveness and remarkable efficiency. Furthermore, a turbocharged diesel engine offers an intriguing combo of performance and refinement while keeping emissions down.
Luxurious comfort
The spacious interiors of the Levante feature exquisite Italian style in every detail, meticulously crafted finishes and the latest in audio and visual technology: it’s luxurious comfort to the nth power. Highlights include optional Pieno Fiore Natural leather on the seats and hand-stitched leather on the dashboard side panels. And to top it all off, the state-of-the-art Active Air Suspension system is standard on all versions of the Levante: you can choose the ride height you desire on the basis of your current speed, then the system automatically kicks in and adjust it to achieve the best performance in every situation.

Levante GTS

Raise your expectations
Higher driving position. Higher performance. Higher luxury. The Twin Turbo V8 engine makes your blood rush like none other. The sleek and muscular exterior of the Levante GTS features a front grille specifically designed for the V8 engine with a chromed frame. The rear is irresistibly captivating, presenting a Sport bumper and V8-specific exhaust pipes. The GTS badge is the crowning glory and encapsulates the legendary grand-touring tradition of the Trident. The interior features Sport seats in premium leather, a Sport steering wheel, Sport foot pedals and refined trims. All this simply translates into elegance and extraordinary comfort, mile after mile.

Levante Trofeo

A legendary performer
Suffice it to say that the Levante Trofeo is able to keep up with the intensity of a raging storm thanks to a mighty Twin Turbo V8 engine that can provide higher legendary performances. Styled in striking Black Piano, the front grille with double vertical bars provides the perfect frame for the Trident; the exclusive Saetta Trofeo logo adorns the C pillar; and carbon fibre inserts are featured on the rear Sport bumper. The interior provides a never-experienced luxurious atmosphere with the exclusive full-grain Natural Leather for the seats, a new gear lever with shorter travel and improved functionality, plus gently-warmed and ventilated seats.