Maserati Completes Its A Tribute to China 2019 Grand Tour

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Today, Maserati completed its nearly 10,000km A Tribute to China Grand Tour.
The Grand Tour was held to mark Maserati’s 15 th anniversary in the Chinese market and pay tribute to the traditions and cultural heritage that China and Italy share. Starting in Shanghai, a city famed for its blend of Chinese and Western culture, the Grand Tour lasted about 40 days and welcomed around 380 Maserati customers and journalists (including the kick-off event). It travelled 4 routes, climbed 16 mountains and crossed 70 cities in 10 provinces, creating an M-shaped journey across the country. China’s stunning landscapes provided the ideal backdrop and manifested the power, luxury and comfort of the Maserati Quattroporte, Levante and Ghibli. The distinct Chinese culture and ancient craftmanship echoed Maserati’s long history and endless pursuit of Italian excellence.

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2019 is a landmark year for Maserati as it marks a double anniversary: the 105th anniversary of the legendary brand and its 15-year-journey in China. For 105 years, the iconic Italian luxury vehicle brand has been crafting driving experiences that combine performance, comfort, style, refinement, and enjoyment of life. To celebrate the double anniversary, Maserati designed 4 exclusive routes that matched China’s striking natural landscapes and unique culture with the distinct Italian flair and elegance of the Maserati brand. The participants crossed the peaks and rivers of the Yangtze River area, visited cultural sites to discover ancient wisdom, followed the historic Silk Road to learn about its significance in linking cultures of the East and West, and traversed the vast and breath-taking mountain landscapes of Western China. 

The Grand Tour was led by Maserati’s 2019 model range, with the Quattroporte, Levante and Ghibli each revealing their unique characteristics along the way. The modern and dynamic design of the Maserati Ghibli, with its elegant styling and streamlines, was in fine contrast with the exquisite and skillfully constructed architecture in Eastern China and Pingyao Ancient City. The Maserati SUVs, the Levante, Levante Trofeo and GTS, conquered the challenging terrains of the Gobi desert on the ancient Silk Road and surmounted the mountains and glaciers from Dunhuang to Chengdu. Whether set against rivers, mountains, highlands or ancient temples, the iconic Maserati Quattroporte exuded charm and timeless sophistication in every location and from every angle with comfort and grace.

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As well as being noted for their dramatic beauty, China and Italy share an outstanding tradition of creativity, craftsmanship and refinement. As a brand born in Italy, Maserati inherits the same values of its country.  During the Grand Tour, participants experienced some of China’s most famous art and craftsmanship monuments, from the magnificent architecture of ancient Buddhist temples to the former residences of Tang dynasty poet Liu Zongyuan and famous Qing Dynasty painter Zhang Daqian. The inspirations from these innovators last until now, in the same way that the Maserati brand continues to be inspired by the Italian masters of the past. 

The Grand Tour participants were also inspired by China’s longstanding passion for crafting works of beauty and sophistication, like the Dongyuan letterpress printing, the “living fossil of ancient printing techniques”, and the exquisite lacquer-ware of Pingyao Ancient City. At Maserati, this same spirit of craftsmanship from the Italian passion for life has fuelled the brand for 105 years. Every Maserati is crafted to ensure superior quality in every detail. Maserati’s passion for excellence and luxury has made its cars exclusive for over a hundred years.

As it celebrates its 15th anniversary of entering the Chinese market, Maserati completed a memorable journey in tribute to China and its rich culture. As the longest tour organized by the brand in recent years, the Grand Tour lived up to Maserati‘s unrelenting passion for driving and living. In the future, Maserati will continue to innovate, refine and perfect in order to create beautiful life experiences for its customers.   

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