Milan, 16th November 2021: New Maserati Grecale Global Premiere

Maserati Grecale_Global Premiere_image
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Maserati announces the date: the Global Premiere of Grecale will be 16th November in Milano.

An explosion of colours anticipates the power of a new breeze. Grecale is a wind that turns the every day into something exceptional and will blow across the Maserati range.
The countdown to the discovery of the new model bearing the name of an intense, revolutionary and exceptional wind has therefore officially begun.

Maserati has a long-standing practice of naming its cars after the world’s most famous winds.

It all started in 1963, with the legendary Mistral. This was followed by Ghibli, Bora, and Khamsin.
And, in 2016 with Levante, the Brand’s first SUV.

Now Grecale, which will play a key role for the Brand and transform the everyday driving experience into something outstanding and extraordinary.

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