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Quattroporte Genuine Accessories

As a Maserati, the Quattroporte is crafted for excellence – but with our Genuine Accessories range, it will exceed even your expectations of quality, comfort and ageless Italian style.
Maserati Quattroporte - Piazza di Spagna (Spanish Square) in Rome on the background Maserati Quattroporte - Piazza di Spagna (Spanish Square) in Rome on the background

Transport and Loading Solutions

With the Quattroporte Genuine Accessories range, you’re always ready to set off on the trip of a lifetime. Smart, stylish and practical luggage solutions such as the Quattroporte Luggage Set keep your belongings organised day-to-day, and give you the freedom to pack whatever you need for your longer journeys.
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Quattroporte Genuine Accessories - Transport and Loading Solutions

Luggage set

Its effortless air of style marks out the Quattroporte Luggage Set as unquestionably Italian. In partnership with legendary leatherworkers Poltrona Frau, we have crafted a luggage set of full premium Italian leather. Exceptional in both its elegant, unfussy design and workmanship, each element of the luggage sports a contrasting trim and a subtle, tactile Trident logo. These six exquisite pieces fit inch-perfect into the Quattroporte luggage compartment for a truly efficient use of space: • large trolley case • small trolley case • suitcase • holdall • large beauty case • small beauty case Each item can also be ordered separately.



The Quattroporte is a luxury executive sedan poised on the wheels of a sports car. With a glance at its bold rims and glossy brake calipers, you can anticipate the power, speed and intuitive agility lurking behind the imposing silhouette. Our wheel options and accessories help you tailor the precise performance of your car and enhance its unmistakeable racing style.

Care and Protection

Care and Protection

The Quattroporte exudes vitality in every aspect, from the sweep of its bodywork to the glossy chrome of its accents. With our range of care accessories such as Side Protective Films and All Season Floor Mats you can keep your grand tourer in peak condition − eager for action and ready to make its mark on the road.

Quattroporte Genuine Accessories - Care and Protection

Quattroporte Accessories - Indoor Car Cover
Quattroporte Accessories - Indoor Car Cover

Safely inside its snug-fitting Maserati blue Indoor Car Cover, your Quattroporte will appear as a strikingly powerful silhouette. The cover’s grey accents highlight the car’s grand lines, while anti-laddering fabric protects the bodywork, rims and tyres from dust and knocks. When you’re ready to unveil your vehicle, the cover stows tidily into a branded bag.

Quattroporte Accessories - Branded Floor Mats
Quattroporte Accessories - Branded Floor Mats

For an even more luxurious interior in your Quattroporte choose our Branded Floor Mats. Each has an eco-leather trim, while the driver’s mat also features a beautifully embroidered Quattroporte logo on a special insert. Designed to echo the shape of the vehicle, the mats are anchored to keep them safe and stable while driving. A range of colour options ensures there is one to suit your interior upholstery. The kit is made up of two front and two rear mats.

Quattroporte Accessories - All Seasons Floor Mats
Quattroporte Accessories - All Seasons Floor Mats

To protect your carpet from water, snow, sand and mud the All Seasons Floor Mats are a natural choice. Robust and perfectly fitted they clip firmly to the floor, entirely covering your carpet and keeping the pedals free from obstruction. Made from easy to clean black rubber, the kit of two front and two rear mats offers excellent grip underfoot, whether wet or dry

Maserati Quattroporte accessories - Branded Floor Mats

Sports accessories

Sports accessories

With its imposing scale, its sporty agility and its powerful Maserati engine, the Quattroporte embodies all the passion of the racetrack. Top quality sporting accessories like the Exterior Carbon Package bring both the style and the driving experience of your car closer to its racing roots.

Quattroporte Genuine Accessories - Sport Accessories

Quattroporte Accessories - Exterior Carbon detailed Packages - Side rearview mirror
Quattroporte Accessories - Exterior Carbon detailed Packages - Side rearview mirror

If your Quattroporte model wasn’t originally customised with carbon fibre detailing, you can add these smart racing touches with the Exterior Carbon Package.


The kit includes several carbon fibre sport customisations:


• Window Mirrors

• Door Handle

• Rear Spoiler

• Front Splitter

• Central Pillar

• Wheel Caps

• Front and rear doorsills


* Please check whether your vehicle can be fitted with these components.

Quattroporte Accessories - Branded Sport Pedals covers - Driver seat view
Quattroporte Accessories - Branded Sport Pedals covers - Driver seat view

Crafted in brushed steel the Sport Pedals Cover is more than a striking design feature. It also delivers optimum control for high-performance driving through precisely engineered rubber inserts, which keep your feet glued to the pedals. For an extra touch of refinement the pedal covers bear the Maserati oval logo.

Maserati Quattroporte accessories - Exterior Carbon Package, side mirror

Technology and Functionality

Technology and Functionality

The Quattroporte delivers luxury on a grand scale. From the richness of its premium Italian leather to its unrivalled sense of space and privacy, everything about it embraces the spirit of the grand tour. Technological and functional accessories from our Maserati Umbrella to a universal tablet holder, give you even more possibilities for a truly pleasurable long-distance drive.

Quattroporte Genuine Accessories - Technology and Functionality

Quattroporte Accessories - Universal Tablet Holder
Quattroporte Accessories - Universal Tablet Holder

While you enjoy the thrill of the Quattroporte driving experience, your back seat passengers can sit and relax with in-seat entertainment. The Universal Tablet Holder is designed to be mounted on the front seat headrest. It holds a tablet or large smartphone which can be perfectly positioned for watching films or reading documents. Black soft-touch material and a silver grey, silk-screened Maserati logo, make it attractive and unobtrusive enough to be left in place even when not in use. *Please be aware that the Universal Tablet Holder cannot be installed if the vehicle is equipped with Sport Seats.

Ghibli and Quattroporte Accessories - Personalized branded Doorsill
Ghibli and Quattroporte Accessories - Personalized branded Doorsill

Make your Maserati unique masterpiece. In line with  style, luxury and exclusivity that characterise Maserati,  it is now possible to personalise the front door sill plates with the name initials or a combination of letters,  graphically embellished with the iconic  "Saetta" line logo that distinguish all the Maserati vehicles. 


Every aspect of your Maserati represents a perfect blend of luxury and sportiness, combining to turn each drive into an unforgettable experience. The Illuminated Doorsills are no different, turning heads when you enter and exit the Levante while enhancing its elegant, exclusive appeal.

Maserati Quattroporte accessories - universal tablet holder



Designed to perfectly complement the Quattroporte, our range of practical and elegant safety accessories such as our Emergeny Kit or Child Seats offer an extra level of protection when travelling − without compromising on style.

Quattroporte Genuine Accessories - Safety


Renowned manufacturer Peg Pérego has helped us develop three exclusive child seats for your most precious passengers. Peg Pérego is the very essence of an Italian company and infuses the national qualities of style, design and loving care into every product. The child seats are the ideal match for your Maserati’s interior. Upholstered in dark-grey fabric and black eco-leather, they have light-grey contrast stitching, a Trident logo on the headrest, and the Maserati name displayed on the seat belt buckle. The range caters for all seat weight classes: • Group 0+, from 0 to 13 kg • Group 1, from 9 to 18 kg • Group 2/3, from 15 to 36 kg All seats are secure and simple to fit. Group 0+ and Group 1 attach to the same ISOFIX base (available separately). Group 2/3 attaches using the vehicle seat belt and the two anchors found at the rear. Each is comprehensively safety tested and meets the European ECE R44/04 standard.
Levante Accessories - Safety Childseat designed by Peg Pérego

Some models, equipment and accessories may not be available or may only become available after the car’s launch on the market. Maserati reserves the right to modify colours, designs and technical features at any time and without prenotice. Official Maserati Dealers will be glad to provide further details and updates in this regard.

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Build your own Maserati Quattroporte

Build your own Maserati Quattroporte

Every Maserati is like a work of art constructed with the care and attention that only the human hand can provide.