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Levante Genuine Accessories

A flawless blend of contrasting characteristics, the Maserati Levante is the first true SUV with a racing soul. That same sense of contrast is found in the Levante accessories range. Built to the highest standards of Maserati craftsmanship, every piece is guaranteed to offer both sturdy practicality and Italian finesse.
Maserati Levante, side view - on the road with a winter landscape background Maserati Levante, side view - on the road with a winter landscape background

Transport and Loading Solutions

The Levante is your gateway to the great outdoors. With ample luggage space and accessories like Roof Rails and Maserati branded luggage to transport your sporting gear, you’ll always be prepared – ready to adapt to every unique opportunity you encounter on the road.
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Levante Genuine Accessories - Transport and Loading Solutions

Maserati Levante accessories - Roof Rails and Roof Box
Maserati Levante accessories - Roof Rails and Roof Box

The lightweight, capacious Roof Box increases the generous luggage space of the Levante by an extra 410 litres. Designed with an eye for style, its sleek aerodynamic curves mirror those of the vehicle itself. The box is secured with two locks, and opens from either side for easy loading and unloading.

The Roof Mounted Ski & Snowboard Carrier is made of lightweight, aerodynamic aluminium. Its padded bars clamp your skis and snowboards gently and securely in place. When unloading, you can slide the equipment towards you and release it with the touch of a button, without taking off your gloves. The system carries up to six pairs of skis or four snowboards, and locks so you can leave them safely with your vehicle.

Maserati Levante accessories - bike rack
Maserati Levante accessories - bike rack

Compact, lightweight, and straightforward to use, the Towbar Mounted Bike Carrier is a simple way to transport up to three bikes. The bike carrier attaches to the towbar hook at the back of the car with a convenient handle. When you need to open the luggage compartment, press the pedal to tilt the bikes out of your way. The bike carrier has a double locking system for extra security, attaching it to both the bicycles and the towbar system.



With a combination of perfect balance and perfect grip, Maserati wheels allow our first luxury SUV to handle like a race car. With a range of wheel accessories you can refine your vehicle’s performance both on and off-road, and emphasise the matchless Italian style that is central to every Maserati.

Care and Protection

Care and Protection

With its glowing bodywork and glossy chrome, the Levante appears like an exquisite work of art – and yet it’s ready to tackle the most challenging roads. Our range of care accessories, such as an Indoor Car Cover and Levante branded Floor Mats, preserve your vehicle’s beauty through every adventure, keeping it as picture perfect as the day it was made.

Levante Genuine Accessories - Care and Protection

Levante Accessories - Indoor Car Cover
Levante Accessories - Indoor Car Cover

Make sure your Levante is completely protected indoors with a Maserati blue Indoor Car Cover. The stylish cover fits snugly to the shape of the car, emphasising its commanding lines. Its high quality, anti-laddering fabric protects the bodywork, rims and tyres from dust and damage, and when not needed, the cover packs neatly into a branded bag.

Levante Accessories - Branded Floor Mats
Levante Accessories - Branded Floor Mats

Opulence isn’t a word usually associated with a floor mat, but the Levante is far from usual. The Branded Floor Mats show the inventive touch of our designers at the Maserati Design Centre, with a finely embroidered version of the Levante logo on an ecoleather insert. Each floor mat moulds to the shape of the vehicle and anchors for stability and safety while driving. The colour options – Black, Brown and Sabbia – perfectly complement the interior upholstery.

Levante Accessories - All Seasons Floor Mats
Levante Accessories - All Seasons Floor Mats

The All Seasons Floor Mats offer robust protection and the safest possible drive. Perfectly fitted, the mats anchor firmly to the floor with clips, making sure the carpet is completely covered and the pedals are unobstructed. The easy-to-clean black material offers excellent grip, wet or dry. It is completely waterproof and resists snow, sand, oil and mud. The mats are available in two different designs: an elegant lozenge pattern, or bold dynamic lines embellished with the model name and a practical edge that further protects the car interiors from any dirt.

Maserati Levante accessories - Levante branded Floor Mats

Sports accessories

Sports accessories

Its imposing size and commanding silhouette make the Levante stand out while still embodying the excitement and dynamism of the racetrack. With our range of sports accessories such as the Retrofit Sports Pedal Kit and the Skid Plate Kit, you can add your stamp to the Levante for a more personal drive – while retaining the unmistakeable sporty characteristics that mark it out as a Maserati.

Levante Genuine Accessories - Sport Accessories

Levante Accessories - Branded Sport Pedals
Levante Accessories - Branded Sport Pedals

Far more than a striking design feature, the brushed steel Sport Pedals deliver maximum control for high performance driving. Carefully engineered rubber inserts keep your feet glued to the pedals. For an added touch of refinement the pedal covers bear the Maserati oval logo. If you didn’t originally configure your Levante with Sport Pedals, they can be easily retrofitted.


The Retrofit Kit includes:


• Sports Brake Pedal Cover

• Sports Accelerator Pedal Cover

• Sports Footrest

• Footrest Plate Fastening Kit

Levante Accessories - Protection Skid Plate

Adding a touch of dynamism and rugged style, the Skid Plates for the Levante protect the lower bodywork when you venture off-road. The Skid Plates come with a choice of finish: either Chrome or Black colours.

Maserati Levante accessories: Skid Plate Kit - front grill

Technology and Functionality

Technology and Functionality

In your Levante, even the most ambitious journey is infused with luxury. The car is a place of serenity where you can breathe deeply and prepare for the adventure ahead. With our range of technological and functional accessories, such as a Universal Tablet Holder and Illuminated Doorsills, you can tailor the journey for maximum relaxation, arriving refreshed and ready for action.

Levante Genuine Accessories - Technology and Functionality

Every aspect of your Maserati represents a perfect blend of luxury and sportiness, combining to turn each drive into an unforgettable experience. The Illuminated Doorsills are no different, turning heads when you enter and exit the Levante while enhancing its elegant, exclusive appeal.

Levante Accessories - Universal Tablet Holder
Levante Accessories - Universal Tablet Holder

While you appreciate the dynamic Levante driving experience, your passengers in the back can enjoy in-seat entertainment. Mounted on the front seat headrest, the Universal Tablet Holder holds a tablet or large smartphone and is easily adjusted to the perfect position for watching films. With its black soft-touch material, silk-screened with the Maserati logo in silver grey, it’s attractive and unobtrusive enough that it can be left installed even when not in use.


* Please be aware, the Universal Tablet Holder cannot be installed if the vehicle is equipped with Sport Seats




Always push your limits. Never compromise on safety. Driving your Levante is an adrenaline rush in and of itself. With our range of safety accessories such as our Emergency Kit or Child Seats, that rush is built on the assurance that you’re prepared for whatever the road delivers.

Levante Genuine Accessories - Safety



No passenger is more precious than a child. Which is why we’ve teamed with Peg Pérego to design a range of three exceptional child seats. Italian to the core, every Peg Pérego product invokes the national qualities of style, design and loving care. The child seats are created to sit seamlessly within your Maserati, matching the design and decor. Upholstered in dark-grey fabric and black eco-leather they feature a highlight of light-grey stitching. The headrest bears the Trident logo while the Maserati name is emblazoned on the seat belt buckle. Within the range there is a seat for every age of child:

• Group 0+, from 0 to 13 kg
• Group 1, from 9 to 18 kg
• Group 2 / 3, from 15 to 36 kg All seats are practical and easy to fit.

Group 0+ and Group 1 secure to the same ISOFIX base (available separately). Group 2/3 fits to the seat using the vehicle seat belt and the two anchors found at the rear. Each child seat is fully safety tested and type-approved according to the European ECE R44/04 standard.
Levante Accessories - Safety Childseat designed by Peg Pérego
Levante Accessories - Safety Childseat designed by Peg Pérego

Some models, equipment and accessories may not be available or may only become available after the car’s launch on the market. Maserati reserves the right to modify colours, designs and technical features at any time and without prenotice. Official Maserati Dealers will be glad to provide further details and updates in this regard.

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Build your own Maserati Levante

Build your own Maserati Levante

Every Maserati is like a work of art constructed with the care and attention that only the human hand can provide.