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Grecale Genuine Accessories

Roof-Mounted-Bike-Carrier_5 Roof-Mounted-Bike-Carrier_5

Roof Boxes

Comfort and well-being have always gone hand in hand with class and style on-board a Maserati. A prerequisite that also holds for the countless loading solutions available for the Grecale, such as the spacious Roof Box, which features a sleek design optimised to blend style and space. Lightweight and aerodynamic, the box is available in two volumes, 410 and 460 litres, dramatically increasing the loading capacity of the vehicle. The box has a double opening system which simplifies loading and unloading under any conditions.

Luggage Compartment Adaptive Divider

The Luggage Compartment Adaptive Divider is the easy way to organise your packing and secure your luggage for a smooth ride. The divider slides on the Luggage Compartment Rails and fixes sturdily across the compartment at any point. Strong securing straps anchor your luggage to avoid sliding, with a quick release mechanism for fast unloading.

Luggage Compartment Net

The stability of the items in the luggage compartment when travelling is fundamental for safe and relaxed driving. The Luggage Compartment Net is a simple and very effective accessory which, thanks to its double layer, enables small and medium-sized objects to be secured. The net is fastened using four hooks located in the corners of the luggage compartment floor, or via eyelets in the rails on the luggage compartment floor (optional).

Microfiber Cloth

Keeping your Maserati Touch Control display free from fingerprints is a simple matter with the specific Microfiber Cloth. The new cloth is specially designed to clean and protect your touchscreen and keep it completely smear-free.

Outdoor Car Cover

The Outdoor Car Cover protects the car from dust, scratches and weathering, and at the same time enhances the daring yet harmonious lines of the Grecale. Waterproof, breathable and elastic, the cover features a minimalist design, customised with contrasting design cues on the headlights and side vents, and embellished with the wording “Maserati” on the rear.

Roof Bicycle Carrier

The Roof Bicycle Carrier can be attached to the roof bars, and is extremely practical and lightweight, enabling a bike to be transported quickly and safely, without any risk of damaging the car or the equipment. The special system design keeps the bike in position through three locking devices: one on the frame, equipped with a padded clamp, and two on the wheels, with an adjustable diagonal quickrelease strap.

Courtesy Light with Logo

Customize your Maserati with a touch of exclusivity with specifically designed Courtesy Lights with Logo, to emphasize the elegant and sporty soul of your Maserati, leaving a distinctive sign when getting out of the car.

Roof Cross Bars

Roof Cross Bars are an essential element for installing the right equipment for trips and sports outings, with a low profile which stays close to the car roof: Roof Boxes, Ski Carrier, Bike Carrier. The bars are made of aluminium and the rail anchoring system is fast and simple.

Roof Ski & Snowboard Carrier

The Roof Mounted Ski & Snowboard Carrier makes loading and unloading easy, and does not force you to stretch to reach the top of the roof, letting you slide the equipment towards the outside. Opening is made easy thanks to large buttons, which can even be operated while wearing gloves, whereas the surface of the bars is padded to avoid damage to the equipment. Made of aluminium and featuring an aerodynamic design, the system can carry up to 6 pairs of skis or 4 snowboards, and is equipped with a lock.

Indoor Car Cover (ICE)

The indoor Car Cover features a repetition of the logo to form an iconic pattern, enriched by the white Trident on the bonnet and the wording “Grecale” on the sides. The breathable two-way stretch material – lined with a soft fleece fabric – makes for the perfect fit, enhancing the Grecale’s bold style even when it is covered up in the garage.

Indoor Car Cover (Folgore)

The Indoor Car Cover features a repetition of the Folgore logo to form an iconic pattern, enriched by the Trident on the bonnet and the wording “Grecale” on the sides. The breathable two-way stretch material – lined with a soft fleece fabric – makes for the perfect fit, enhancing the car’s bold style even when it is covered up in the garage.

Protective Films

The Protective Films allow you to explore the roughest roads without hesitation, shielding the paintwork from any damage. Perfectly transparent and made to measure, they are available in matt or glossy version and can be removed easily without leaving any trace behind.

Indoor Car Cover (MHEV)

The indoor Car Cover features a repetition of the logo to form an iconic pattern, enriched by the white Trident on the bonnet and the wording “Grecale” on the sides. The breathable two-way stretch material – lined with a soft fleece fabric – makes for the perfect fit, enhancing the Grecale’s bold style even when it is covered up in the garage.

Battery Charger & Maintainer

A compact and user-friendly device, the Battery Charger & Maintainer keeps the charge level of your car battery always in optimal condition, between 95 and 100%, and charges it when required. The device does not need to be programmed: just connect the car battery to a standard power socket, and you may leave it connected for several months without any risk of damage to the vehicle.

Branded Valve Caps (Folgore)

No detail is too small to be highlighted. Available in the black and copper color variant, the Folgore Branded Valve Caps Kit is distinguished by the iconic Trident logo at the center.

Emergency Kit

The Emergency Kit contains everything needed to stay safe at the roadside. Coming in an elegant black case embellished with the Maserati Logo, it fits into the luggage compartment. The kit includes: Hazard triangle, Reflective vest, First aid kit, Gloves, Ice scraper. The items in the kit may vary from country to country.

Security Stud Bolt Kit

The special Security Stud Bolts make the vehicle more secure against the risk of wheel rim theft, as the wheels may be fitted and removed only using the special wrench provided in the kit. The stud head features a special design that combines an appealing look with the greatest functionality.


An ashtray with an unmistakable design, in black Pasubio leather with tone-on-tone stitching and aluminium lid with magnetic opening, embellished with the Trident and design cues reminiscent of the car’s interior. It fits perfectly into the car's cup holder, so it can be emptied at any time.

Some models, equipment and accessories may not be available or may only become available after the car’s launch on the market. Maserati reserves the right to modify colours, designs and technical features at any time and without prenotice. Official Maserati Dealers will be glad to provide further details and updates in this regard.

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Build your own Maserati Grecale

Build your own Maserati Grecale

Every Maserati is like a work of art constructed with the care and attention that only the human hand can provide.