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About Us

Solitaire Automotive is the home of Maserati in Adelaide.

Our specifically designed showroom, located on Glen Osmond Road Parkside, provides a spectacular setting for the entire range of Maserati vehicles.

Our state-of-the-art service centre, located on the same premises, was built to ensure we can maintain the highest level of technical excellence and customer satisfaction.

At Solitaire Maserati, effortless performance, unparalleled efficiency and an incomparable experience combine to ensure that our service is as distinguished as the marque we carry.

Our Story

Formerly known as Solitaire Motors, the Solitaire Automotive Group opened its doors in December 1971, originally selling smaller used cars.

Despite these humble beginnings, we were driven to excel in every facet of customer service, right from the outset.

Through this clear dedication, we attracted the attention of some of the world's most impressive marques. And embracing this prestigious interest, the group grew and evolved to become one of Australia's leading luxury-car dealerships.

Solitaire Maserati was established as part of the Solitaire Automotive Group in 2013. With an existing stable of iconic British and European brands, the introduction of the first Italian marque to the group saw Maserati welcomed with open arms.

Our Location

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