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422 - 4.18v - 4.24v

The 422 was introduced in 1988 in replacement of the 420. In fact, it replaced all previous versions of the 420 family at one fell swoop, including the 420 Si which gave it its mechanicals. The car was lightly restyled, mainly with a rounder front grille chrome surround, new rear-view mirrors and 5-bolt alloy wheels. In 1990, the 4.24v. mirrored the 2.24v. as a saloon alternative, using the latest 4-valve per cylinder, 4 overhead camshafts evolution of the V6 engine. Styling-wise, blacked-out chrome trim, specific bumpers and rocker panels along with a very discreet spoiler on the boot conferred a very sporty yet refined allure to this high-performance saloon. The independent suspension featured active electronic control on all four wheels, whilst the interior’s mix of leather and wood trim conveyed a feeling of exclusivity. Launched in December 1990, the 4.18v was a model very similar to the 422, destined to the Italian market with the traditional 3-valve-per-cylinder heads rather than the 4-valve-per-cylinder arrangement of the 4.24v. Its main feature was the ABS fitted as standard, a first for the Biturbo family. Produced in only 77 units, this particular model is unquestionably one of the rarest amongst the Biturbo range.

Data sheet4224.18v4.24v
Model code Tipo AM332Tipo AM332Tipo AM332
Body type 4-door, 5-seater saloon 4-door, 5-seater saloon 4-door, 5-seater saloon
Design Pierangelo AndreaniPierangelo AndreaniPierangelo Andreani
Production years 1988 - 1992 1990 - 19931990 - 1993
Maserati era De TomasoDe TomasoDe Tomaso
Numbers produced 97877384
Chassis Monocoque steel constructionMonocoque steel constructionMonocoque steel construction
Dry weight1,257kg1,275kg1,370kg
Engine configuration 90° V6, three valves per cylinder (two intake, one exhaust), single overhead camshaft, twin-turbo90° V6, three valves per cylinder (two intake, one exhaust), single overhead camshaft, twin-turbo90° V6, 24 valves, double overhead camshaft, twin-turbo
Maximum power 220hp @ 6,250rpm 220hp @ 6,350rpm 245hp @ 6,200rpm
Top speed 225km/h218km/h230km/h
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