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222 - 2.24v

The 222 name referred to the 2-door body style, 2.0L engine displacement, and 2nd step of the Biturbo evolution. The front grille was new and the Naca air ducts on the bonnet disappeared, while the engine still had twin intercoolers. Fuel injection was now electronic from Weber-Marelli with integrated ignition. The 222 had electrically adjustable seats and electronic climate control. In 1989, the twin-turbo V6 engine received a substantial technical upgrade. The cylinder heads were new with four valves per cylinder instead of three, and two camshafts per cylinder bank. The light alloy cylinder liners were treated with a special coating to reduce the engine's internal friction. Vehicles equipped with this more powerful version of the two-litre engine were named 2.24v. Compared to the standard Biturbos, the 2.24v featured restyled front and rear aprons, extended sills, a large tail spoiler and a two-tone paint scheme. Later cars were equipped with a catalytic converter and an optional active damping control system by Koni. The model was subject to a restyling in 1991.

Data sheet 2222.24v 2.24v II (cat.)
Model code Tipo AM331Tipo AM331Tipo AM331
Body type 2-door, 5-seater three-box coupé 2-door, 5-seater three-box coupé 2-door, 5-seater three-box coupé
Design Marcello GandiniMarcello GandiniMarcello Gandini
Production years 1988 - 1990 1988 - 1992 1991 - 1993
Maserati era De TomasoDe TomasoDe Tomaso
Numbers produced 1,1561,147254
Chassis Monocoque steel constructionMonocoque steel constructionMonocoque steel construction
Dry weight1,172kg1,240kg1,323kg
Engine configuration 90° V6, three valves per cylinder (two intake, one exhaust), single overhead camshaft, twin-turbo90° V6, 24 valves, double overhead camshaft, twin-turbo90° V6, 24 valves, double overhead camshaft, twin-turbo
Maximum power 220hp @ 6,250rpm 245hp @ 6,200rpm 240hp @ 6,000rpm
Top speed 225km/h 230km/h 230km
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