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Lane Keeping Assist

lane_mobile lane_mobile

The Lane Keeping Assist (LKA) is designed especially for highway and freeway driving in order to reduce the risk that you accidentally depart from the lane in use.

So how does the Lane Keeping Assist work? The lane keeping system uses a forward-facing camera placed behind the rear-view mirror that continuously keeps track of the course ahead in order to monitor lane markings. When you are about to unintentionally leave a lane, the Lane Keeping Assist warns you with a steering wheel vibration and provides a steering torque to help you return to the center of the lane.
Lane Keeping Assist System - Maserati wheel view on a lane marking

About the display

About the display

When LKA is enabled, there will be graphic on the screen that’s meant to represent at the glance the system knowledge of the lane in front of the car.

  • White line: the lane boundary is detected correctly and LKA system is able to intervene on it
  • Yellow flashing line: LKA is detecting a very imminent lane departure as your vehicle is moving off-center
  • Yellow line: there is a corrective steering torque intervention in progress that tries to prevent a lane departure
Maserati Lane Keeping Assist System - how it works

You can easily configure the Lane Keeping Assist system and adjust the settings to your preference.
  • "Visual" only: the system will only show that your vehicle is passing the lane on the instrument cluster display but won’t request any corrective action to change your car trajectory.
  • "Visual & Haptic": when the system detects an imminent lane departure, it will apply a corrective steering torque along with a steering vibration; at the same time, it will show the proper indications on the instrument cluster display.

When "Visual & Haptic" is selected, two additional options will come into play: “LKA Sensitivity” tunes the distance to the road markings in order to define the moment when the system will start to apply a steering torque. “LKA Strength” defines the corrective steering torque value in order to have a stronger or weaker trajectory deviation.

Keep in mind

Keep in mind

  • LKA is fully configurable in order to maximize its efficiency and reduce the possible invasiveness at the same time.
  • LKA may be interrupted at any time counter steering.
  • LKA is designed for an attentive driver therefore the system is available only when your hands are on the steering wheel.
  • LKA requires good visibility to operate properly: you have to be extra careful in case of heavy rain, snow, sharp turns, slopes, poor road marking and construction areas.
  • The area on the rear bumper fascia where the radar sensors are located must remain free of snow, ice, and dirt.