Maserati and La Martina present #PoloStories project

Elegance, finesse and style! Strength, speed and competition! Racing and riding have much in common. Enjoy the journey

#PoloStories will take you on a journey behind the scenes of the game of Polo

The project will take you on a journey behind the scenes of the game of Polo, exploring the origins, the background and the intrinsic links that bind the noble “Game of Kings” to the very heart of the Maserati and La Martina shared values. Because the quest for a perfect player and the perfect car share the same road: a path paved with infinite passion and dedication.

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#PoloStories - Episode 1

A polo player is like a driver: you cannot be a great player without horsepower.

It is not for everyone and it can only be achieved with a strong will and the consistent desire to excel in everything you do in your life, on and off the field.

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#PoloStories - Episode 2

Maserati and La Martina explore the subtle thread that links past, present and future, in order to find out what heritage really means.

The concept is strictly connected to the results of passion and hard work which are part of their history. In this framework, the two brands share the same view and they have a perfect affinity, being both products of great traditions.

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#PoloStories - Episode 3

Being a true player it is the result of a tough daily process built on passion, dedication, sacrifice and resolution.

Maserati and La Martina explore the special relationship between horses and horse-power in the first episode of the #PoloStories series. See how the finest attention to detail and the pursuit of excellence shape the continuous and dynamic equilibrium between grace and power.

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#PoloStories - Episode 4

Attention to detail can make the difference. Turning something good into something great. And something great into something perfect.

Maserati and La Martina Partnership

United by their shared passion for excellence and elegance, Maserati and La Martina forged an ongoing creative partnership in 2011. Over the past five years, the flair and savoir-faire of both houses have resulted in the peerless La Martina for Maserati Capsule Collections, showcasing the very best in luxury polo-inspired attire.


Fall/Winter 2016/17 Capsule Collection

The key words when it comes to this capsule release are versatility and evolution.

It has been thoroughly revamped when it comes to the shapes, colours and materials of the creations; the fit of the garments has been revised in order to enable an expansion of the winter identity of Maserati Polo Tour into the vigorous sphere of streetwear.

La Martina for Maserati represents the union of two worlds, resulting in a collection designed to be worn with equal aplomb by both professional sportsmen and modern gentlemen, showcasing the time-honoured values of two proud firms, emblematic of an exclusive lifestyle, the very epitome of sportsmanship and class.

The Polo Player Windbreaker Jacket, also designed for both the winter and between-season wear, is composed of an external shell in reflective nylon, providing protection from the rain and other inclement conditions, and a removable quilted inner vest, lined in cashmere, both insulating and eco-friendly, capable of maintaining warmth even under the coldest conditions.

This smart capsule release is completed by a soft fleece hoodie, sporting a zipper and printed nylon bib, accompanied by three exclusive Polo shirts. The signature feature of the collection is the geometric planisphere print, signifying the global Tour of Maserati and La Martina on the major international polo fields.

Spring/Summer 2016 Capsule Collection

Taking inspiration from the concept of the "Polo Player Kit”, it features a new, sophisticated style revealing snapshots of the players' life beyond the field action.

The capsule collection features a refined, post-match blazer made of micro-fibre and with zip under the lapels, and a bomber jacket, with concealed stitching and front zip, has a clean look and is tailored in white, a style which characterises the entire collection.


The two versions of the polo shirt are similar to the Maserati match shirts and are a social must-have, an essential après-tournament look, with patches of real leather and silver printing.

The Maserati Team polo shirt was worn by George Spencer-Churchill, direct descendant of Winston Churchill, when he challenged Prince Harry in the “Maserati Jerudong Park Trophy”, an exclusive tournament which supports the charity association of HRH Duke of Cambridge, played May 24, 2015, at the prestigious British Polo Club, Cirencester Park Polo Club, inaugurated in 1894.

“Maserati Polo Tour” Limited Edition Collection

In conjunction with each leg of the Maserati Polo Tour, Maserati and La Martina will unveil a limited edition polo shirt, only available in 300 pieces, inspired by the specific tournament and featuring a special characteristic.

In conjunction with the Dubai Polo Challenge, the two brands presented the spectacular “24K Gold Dubai Polo” - a unique polo shirt which blends sportswear with luxury: the stretch piquet fabric is embroidered with a 24-carat gold thread. The “24K Gold Dubai Polo” is available exclusively at La Martina Stores in the Dubai Mall and the Mall of the Emirates and in the brand’s London and Milan flagship stores.

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