Should your Maserati vehicle be immobilised following a breakdown, accident, theft or attempted theft, flat battery, loss and/or breakage of keys or tyre puncture, the assistance centre will be able to ensure the following services:

  • Roadside assistance and recovery: a recovery vehicle which will tow the Maserati vehicle from the place where it is immobilised to the nearest Maserati authorised repair shop or service centre, or to the nearest fuel station, or which will replace on-the-spot the damaged tyre (the only tyre that may be used for this operation is the spare one provided with the vehicle).
  • Taxi for picking-up and delivering back the replacement vehicle: following the transportation of the Maserati vehicle to an Authorised Repair Shop (max 150 €).
  • Replacement vehicle: whenever more than 4 hours of labour certified by the Authorised Repair Shop are required to repair the Maserati vehicle.
  • Homeward travel for passengers or provision of their onward journey: whenever the repairs require over 24 hours of labour, as certified by the Authorised Repair Shop.
  • Recovery of the repaired vehicle: by suitable transport means, a driver or a rental vehicle or a plane or railway ticket.
  • Hotel accommodation expenses: whenever the vehicle at the Authorised Repair Shop cannot be repaired in a day.
  • Repatriation of the vehicle from abroad: If the stop for repairs requires more than 5 working days certified by the Authorised Repair Shop or if the vehicle cannot be repaired at a local workshop.
  • Lack of fuel.

Note: As to Maserati vehicles hired on a short-term or long-term basis, the sole service provided by Maserati Assistance shall be the roadside assistance and recovery.

Reliability and quality services

Our customers want to enjoy their journeys in complete peace of mind: to provide it, we have created Maserati Assistance. The service, free of charge and with duration of three years, is provided by Europe Assistance and its Operations Centres, ready to serve you anywhere in Europe. Where necessary, they will provide driver and passengers with specific services designed to resolve all problems quickly and efficiently.

Available round the clock

The Operations Centres, open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, can be contacted in emergency situations. At these highly efficient sites courteous and highly-skilled professionals will provide the best possible solution to any problem flagged up by the customer. In the event of an accident, a breakdown or if the car is immobilised, Maserati will provide its customers with a full array of exclusive services.

Services tailored to every need

The Maserati Assistance range of services covers all needs, comprising: roadside assistance, assistance to the insured party, replacement cars, homeward or outward travel for passengers, collection of repaired vehicles, hotel costs, dispatch of spare parts to foreign countries, repatriation of vehicles from abroad, money advances for essentials, medical services and general information.


Our customers' opinions are an invaluable resource

Maserati makes good use of its customers’ opinions, invaluable feedback that helps us to improve our cars and tailor them even more closely to the needs of Maserati lovers. The Contact Centre is dedicated first and foremost to Maserati customers although anybody can contact it to ask for information: our operators are always up-to-date with the latest developments and can provide full details of the latest innovations regarding our services, products and the sales and service network.

Exclusive, customized insurance for the asfest of journey

Maserati insurance solutions provide the peace of mind you need to fully enjoy the emotions that only the Trident’s cars can guarantee. Our dealers offer flexible services with competitive premiums and reduced reimbursement times.


Maserati financing: purchase your dream car in the way that suits you

Purchasing your car with the aid of a Maserati financial package enables you to choose the best conditions on the market and tailor them to your needs. Official Maserati dealers will be delighted to act as your financial advisers, providing professional guidance on the various payment options available and creating a package tailored to your requirements.

Exclusive plans with payment in instalments, customised to your requirements

Anyone wishing to enjoy driving a Maserati without making large capital transfers will find a range of customised financial packages at competitive interest rates on offer at official dealers. The customer can decide the amount of the down payment and may opt for repayments in regular instalments or in amounts which vary over time, with the resale value of the car guaranteed.

Inexpensive leasing packages with unrivalled flexibility

The payment options available from Maserati Customer Services also include financial leasing packages which enable you to use the car without purchasing it and which cost less than the market average. There are also balloon leasing packages with lower instalment amounts: at the end of the contract, the car will become yours in exchange for a final redemption payment.

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