Detail of Maserati Bumper Detail of Maserati Bumper


Dedicated support to ensure assistance in the event of an accident or vehicle breakdown, whenever you need it.

Emergency and Roadside
Assistance Service

The Emergency Call is to be used when there is a concern for the health of individuals. The call goes to an operator in a Secure Operating Centre contracted by Maserati. The operator receives the vehicle’s position and the status of the vehicle’s safety systems and verifies with the driver the type of emergency support that is needed.

The Roadside Assistance Call is to be used when there is a vehicle related problem. The call goes to Maserati’s Roadside Assistance provider where the operator verifies with the driver what kind of support is needed. This assistance service is only available where the customer has an active Roadside Assistance coverage.

Stolen Vehicle Locator

After having declared the theft to the local law enforcement, the owner can call a Secure Operating Centre from the Maserati Connect app, allowing him to receive immediate assistance.
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Detail of Maserati wheels

Vehicle Health Report

In case of a warning signal, a Vehicle Health Alert card is displayed in the Maserati Connect App; tapping on it enables the customer to see the type of Alert. Warnings are reported for the following systems: Powertrain, Brakes and Suspension, Oil and Fluids, and Safety Systems. The customer will also receive a monthly Vehicle Health Report by email.

Service Reminder

The owner will receive push notifications on the radio screen about Vehicle Health, and Services, where they will be prompted to call Customer Service for assistance.
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Some features and services may not be available or may only become available after the car’s launch on the market. Some features and services may require a subscription. Maserati reserves the right to modify services and technical features at any time and without prenotice. Official Maserati Dealers will be glad to provide further details and updates in this regard.

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