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Executive trims for Ghibli Hybrid and Levante

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The new Maserati Executive Trim

It seems like not that long ago Maserati was introducing the Ghibli and Levante models to the market, both pioneers in their own right and the true embodiment of our brand’s elegance and audacity.

Always inspired by tradition and powered by evolution, Maserati once again has a few novel surprises in store for its customers with the coming of this new year.

By adding numerous customization options to our base models, we have created the new Executive trims for two of our most esteemed model lines.

Maserati is proud to introduce the Executive trims of the Ghibli Hybrid and Levante 350ps. 

The new Executive trim of the Ghibli Hybrid:

Considered to be the epitome of the brand’s future, this model is Maserati's first hybrid electric vehicle. The Ghibli Hybrid base model is a powerful vehicle known for its superior performance, reduced fuel consumption and emissions aspect and E-booster system.

With 19’’ Proteo Rims and a Driver Assistance Pack that includes a 10,1" Touchscreen MTC+ with Navigation, the Executive trim of this true luxury hybrid car has taken the model to a whole new level.  

The elegant Ghibli Hybrid Executive trim boasts an extended leather interior upholstery. For maximum comfort, this vehicle features heated 12-way power front seats and aluminum paddle-shifters as well as front and rear parking sensors and a Rearview camera for increased safety.

The new Executive trim for the Levante 350ps: 

This model combines the spirit of a Maserati with the comfort and effortlessness of a grand tourer. The Levante 350ps base model is a luxury SUV equipped with a powerful V6 engine and an intelligent All-Wheel Drive that can take on any terrain under any given condition. 

With 19’’ Zefiro Rims and a Driver Assistance Pack that includes an 8,4" Touchscreen MTC+ with Navigation, this Executive trim ensures a smooth and carefree drive. Much like the Ghibli Hybrid, this vehicle comes with excellent safety features, including front and rear parking sensors and a rearview camera. To fully revolutionize our customer experience, the Maserati Levante new Executive trim features heated 12-way power front seats and a steering column with power height and reach adjustments for a truly enjoyable and comfortable ride.

The new Ghibli Hybrid and Levante 350ps Executive trims were designed specifically for our Business clients, they guarantee the embodiment of style, power, luxury and refinement that Maserati is known for, combined with the most important of ingredients: the exclusivity of the Maserati brand.

These vehicles are part of our commercial fleet vehicles and will only be sold through this channel.

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