Maserati awarded world’s best event in 2020

“MMXX: Time to be Audacious” wins at the Best Event Awards World

Modena, 16 December 2020. An event unprecedented for the automotive sector and worthy of the highest international recognition: Maserati wins the Grand Prix Best Event Awards World 2020.

This evening, the “MMXX: Time to be Audacious” show, which marked the start of the Brand’s new Era last September with the world première of the new MC20 supercar, received the top prize at the Bea World Festival – The International Festival of Events and Live Communication, the global competition that selects the year’s best events and locations worldwide.

“MMXX: Time to be Audacious” was conceived and produced for Maserati by FeelRouge Worldwide Shows, which picked up the prize for best events agency of the year.

“The Brand has stepped up a gear and inaugurated a new Era,” Maserati CEO Davide Grasso commented. “And we’ve done it in true Maserati style: with audacity, constantly pushing forward and focusing on our goal. We created an event unprecedented for our industry, a real brand experience that embodied the courage of the Maserati Family, and the Brand’s values.”

“Maserati is engaged in a period of construction that reaches very deep, as we construct our own future,” Mr Grasso continued. “Although these are difficult times for us all, we’re guided by passion, unique in our design and innovative by nature. Our rule-breaking DNA was expressed to the full in this unprecedented event.”

"Maserati has given us the wonderful opportunity to best express our creativity and production skills." says Valentina Saluzzi, CEO of FeelRouge Worldwide Shows "These important awards celebrate the closure of the first life cycle of FeelRouge, which today celebrates five years, and launching us into a future full of energy to undertake new challenges that we will face with enthusiasm together with our partners and Balich Worldwide Shows”.

As well as achieving the highest recognition, the Maserati event, with its dual nature (simultaneously real and virtual) was in the first three for various special prizes, coming first in “Digital/Hybrid Brand Experience”, second in the “Digital/Hybrid B2C” and “Use of Technology” categories, and third in “Digital Transformation”.

“MMXX: Time to be Audacious”
The event was threefold: a live show, a virtual experience and a real journey into Maserati’s identity involving key Modena locations. The Concept was a unique brand experience, a real first for the automotive sector, which marked the start of the new Maserati Era.

On Wednesday 19 September the show was both real, with about 500 guests at the Modena Circuit, and virtual, accompanied remotely by two simultaneous mirror events in New York and Tokyo.
The show, which told its engaging and exciting story in thrilling terms, was designed to inspire, and to avoid conventional celebration and product launch formats. It was a real immersion in the Brand’s soul, both celebrating it and revealing its completely renewed identity.

The fast-paced show immersed the spectator in a flow of different segments including live performances, anamorphic images and augmented reality, projected on a monumental screen totalling 630 m2 in area. The almost cinematic sequence guided the guests, both present at the circuit and attending via live streaming, towards a new, contemporary vision of Maserati, preparing the way for the culminating moment: the World Première of the new MC20.

The following day, the whole city of Modena was transformed into the stage for this distinctive Brand communication concept. The historic Viale Ciro Menotti plant and the Maserati Innovation Lab, the city’s Anatomical Theatre and its principal piazzas, became the stages in a visionary storytelling embracing Maserati’s past, present and future.

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