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Traffic Sign Recognition

The Traffic Sign Recognition system (TSR) comes in handy when you happen to miss a traffic sign while driving on any kind of road as it recognizes and keeps track of the signs you just passed by.

TSR monitors the traffic signs using both a forward-facing digital camera placed behind the rear-view mirror and the navigation system data.

Three types of signs can be detected:
1. speed limit sign
2. temporary speed limit signs
3. overtaking restriction areas

The system will inform you of the current traffic signs by displaying all information and the related icons in the upper area of the instrument cluster.

The navigation system

TSR uses the data that comes from the navigation system in order to provide information even when the camera is not able to detect the traffic signs that are present on the road. Some examples of these cases are:

  • low visibility: insufficient illumination of the road, heavy rain, snow, dense fog
  • light reflection: excessive glare from direct sunlight or reflections from oncoming traffic
  • damaged traffic signs: scraped signs, faded or discoloured signs, broken signs
  • rotated or fallen poles: especially when you find yourself near construction areas

Keep in mind

  • You must always be aware of all traffic signs, especially when there is poor visibility due to insufficient illumination of the road, heavy rain, snow or dense fog.
  • The display mode on the instrument cluster and the warning sensitivity are fully configurable.
  • The system can be set to display the traffic signs when your speed is equal to the speed limit allowed, or when it is higher than 5 or 10 km/h (5 or 10 mph).

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