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Prisma, Luce, Ouroboros

The hues of history

Beyond tomorrow, with light shining from the past. Time evolves, color emerges and reveals a bright future that honors a remarkable heritage.

Created only once, three Fuoriserie One Offs to celebrate the GranTurismo legacy.


Prisma and Luce


From The Origin

GranTurismo Prisma

GranTurismo Prisma

Inspired by the past, defined by the future

As the light hits the Prisma, the authentic reflection of the GranTurismo bursts into a kaleidoscopic display.

Fourteen colors adhorns this creation.

12 of these have been selected by the Maserati designers, with the help of Maserati Classiche and Archivio Storico Maserati, from the most iconic GT models from 1947 to the end of last century.

The remaining 2 colors, instead, belong to the most recent creations: the stunning Blu Inchiostro which commemorates the 100th anniversary of Maserati. And the space black Nero Cometa, which celebrates the 75th anniversary of the new GranTurismo.

The spirit of the grand tourer can only be conveyed by the power of the Nettuno V6. Echoing the past yet looking fully ahead – the most powerful internal combustion engine inside a GranTurismo to date.


GranTurismo Prisma

Hand-painted details

GranTurismo Prisma

Hand-painted details

The outfit of this extraordinary One Off is embellished with details of more than 8,500 letters hand-applied, making up the names of Maserati cars creating a second level of shade and harmonising the entire colour coating.

An harmonious spectacle of meaning,.executed with meticolous attention by the Maserati artists, custodians of the Italian luxury tradition and craftsmanship: the painting process, executed with airbrush and paintbrush, took more than 130 hours.

Granturismo Prisma

A celebration through color

The evolution of Maserati is represented with an unexpected visual effect.

Each paint fades into the next, from the most recent colors painted on the front, down to the characteristic Amaranto from the 1947 Maserati A6 1500 painted on the tail.


GranTurismo Luce

GranTurismo Luce

A statement of innovation

GranTurismo Luce

A statement of innovation

The myriad of colors created by the Prisma continues to expand as far as the eye can see. Just as the Prisma embodies the unraveling of the Maserati grand tourers legacy, the Luce ("light", in Italian) represents the future ready to be lived.

A reflection of research and experimentation, with laser engraved and mirror-chromed exteriors. A research on colors that results in a creation that goes beyond color itself: Maserati Mirror of the Future is the name given to this new finishing.

The GranTurismo Luce, powered by the full electric Folgore powertrain, illustrates the level of innovation in the next generation of Maserati: a concentrate of over 100 years of history, running into the future.

navigator navigator

GranTurismo Luce

Unexpected source of beauty

The interiors of this One Off are draped in ECONYL® , a nylon fiber entirely produced from regenerated wasted materials. Already in use on the Folgore versions, this regenerated nylon yarn results in a unique aesthetic metamorphosis and is here combined with laser processing that expresses dynamism. 

The shapes of the Luce seats are underlined also by the few graphics present on the central parts, lasered with gradient backing in contrast. 
Other interior elements such as the central tunnel or the headrests presents instead elements "stitched" using additive manufacturing. This technique embosses textiles with a process that, for simplification, can be compared with the 3D printing.

The result is the two contrasting techniques, inside and outside: the mirror that almost hides the car and the laser that aims to create a strong and deep track of Maserati's soul, technical performance, and astonishing beauty..


Now entering the digital world. Light and the time refract again, exposing an opposing space where color begins and ends. A complete circle of transformation.



Granturismo Digital One Off
by Fragment Design


Fragment’s style meets Maserati’s character to give birth to the Ouroboros.

A gnostic and alchemical symbol that expresses the unity of all things, material and spiritual, which never disappear but perpetually change form in an eternal cycle of destruction and re-creation.


Granturismo Ouroboros

A tangible digital presence

Granturismo Ouroboros

A tangible digital presence

A testament of innovation and pushing ideas to the extreme. Fragment Design was invited to create a Digital One Off, in juxtaposition and balance with the light and physical presence of the Prisma and Luce.

From the physical to the digital, the GranTurismo Ouroboros one-off by Fragment is such an exclusive creation that even virtually, there is only one.

Grand touring gone NFT. 

Granturismo Ouroboros

A temporal inspiration

A visual and cultural link is created between the first Maserati GranTurismo and its latest iteration, connecting the pinnacle of tech and performance of today with the icon of style that started it all.

Granturismo Ouroboros

Icons expressed in digital form

"GranTurismo Ouroboros has been conceived as a visual and cultural link between the various eras of Maserati design and the current GranTurismo generation. We worked with Maserati team to connect the pinnacle of tech and performance that they have today with the icons of style that generated and fuelled the myth through the decades”.

Hiroshi Fujiwara

Granturismo Ouroboros

The soul of Fragment Design: Hiroshi Fujiwara

Granturismo Ouroboros

The soul of Fragment Design: Hiroshi Fujiwara

Fragment is a streetwear subculture project founded by the arbiter of cool: Hiroshi Fujiwara. Since the early ’90s, Fujiwara has been sharing his designs with the world, collaborating with the most renowned global maisons.

Hiroshi Fujiwara and the Maserati design teams together, since 2021, deconstruct the essence of the Trident to give life to new masterpieces and unique creations.




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