Grecale will be the first full-electric SUV in the brand’s history. It will provide an “everyday exceptional” experience, including for customers who are fans of zero emissions and do not wish to sacrifice performance in pure Maserati style.
As such, it will complete a veritable range within a range, the fullest ever, with internal combustion/hybrid engines or a full-electric motor.


100% electric SUV:


The upcoming 100% electric version of the Grecale will be named Folgore, the identifier of Maserati BEVs, which will light the fuse of a new energy.
Grecale Folgore is due on the market one year after the hybrid and petrol models. It will be 100% Made in Italy and will be equipped with a 105-kW/h battery using 400V technology. Maserati’s new electric SUV will be capable of delivering as much as 800 Nm of torque, guaranteeing performance typical of the brand.
It will also be recognisable for its exclusive Rame Folgore colour.


The key concept forming a foundation for Maserati's approach to the world of electric is metamorphosis.
The Rame Folgore exterior colour is based on extensive research into how the paint can interact with light, which evolves into a living being in constant interaction with its surroundings.

The concept of metamorphosis can also be found in the design, inspired by the movements of a ballerina. Immortalised in a photograph, they speak of a 'controlled performance', a movement made eternal, a natural dynamism that inspires the evolution of the graphic styling, including in the car’s interior.
This evolution is reflected in the use of innovative materials such as Econyl, a new element with a unique aesthetic, a recycled nylon obtained using nets recovered from the seas, breathing new life into waste.

Performance turns electric
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