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Fragment Design Special Edition
A bold Operanera & Operabianca

Maserati meets Hiroshi Fujiwara, the soul of Fragment Design

Maserati meets Hiroshi Fujiwara, the soul of Fragment Design

Fragment is a streetwear subculture project founded by the arbiter of cool: Hiroshi Fujiwara. Since the early ’90s, Fujiwara has been sharing his designs with the world, collaborating with the most renowned global maisons.

In his continuous research as a cultural disrupter, the global godfather of streetwear and multi-faceted creator has joined us for a collaboration that brings together Hiroshi Fujiwara’s unparalleled sensibility of contemporary street culture and the audacious spirit of an Italian car icon that has just heralded a new era.

Hiroshi Fujiwara and the Maserati design team, together, deconstruct the essence of Maserati, and in the process, reconstruct a new reality.

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Fragment Design x Maserati: Harajaku street culture meets Modena

Fragment Design x Maserati: Harajaku street culture meets Modena

A partnership that brings the fearlessness of its creators to the forefront. Maserati and Hiroshi Fujiwara: two bold souls always ready to shatter existing cultural conventions.

We call it itanji (いたんじ).

A Japanese concept that perfectly brings together Fujiwara’s rebellious style and Maserati’s audacious spirit. We are original. We have no fear of being different. We are nonconformist, relentlessly driven to challenge the status quo. We are devoted to innovation and creativity.

In Fragment Design x Maserati, piece by piece, a body of art is unveiled in a collaboration that celebrates our brave new vision for the future.

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The first chapter of our joint vision: Operanera and Operabianca Special Edition cars

Fragment Design’s unique design philosophy is now revealed in the Operanera and Operabianca Special Edition cars. Embodying the innovative and creative souls of both Hiroshi Fujiwara and Maserati, they are more than just cars. They are symbols of the deconstruction of convention, a re-birth of hope, and are unmistakable statements of intent.
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An unlikely Collaboration

A work of art that blazed an audacious trail from Modena to Tokyo. Relive the journey of the Ghibli Operanera from its conception to reveal on the streets of Harajuku. 
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