Maserati Biturbo Spyder '90

From 1989 a revised Biturbo Spyder model was introduced. These cars could be recognised by its 15-inch alloy rims (compared to 14" rims for the original model) and redesigned, rounder front and rear bumpers. The export model received the larger 2.8-litre engine, replacing the previous 2.5-litre unit. Bodies for the Spyder were still produced by Zagato near Milan. These cars are often referred to as the Spyder '90 as the Biturbo name was dropped for the model.


Data sheet 3500GT 3500GTI
Body type 2-door, 2+2 coupé or 2-seater spyder
Design Touring (Coupè), Vignale (Spyder) Touring (Coupè), Vignale (Spyder)
Production years 1957 - 1964 1961 - 1964
Maserati era Orsi family
Numbers produced 2.226
Chassis Tubular ladder-frame platform
Dry / kerb weight 1.300 / 1.440kg
Engine configuration Straight six, double overhead camshaft
Maximum power 220hp @ 5.500rpm 235hp @ 5.800rpm
Top speed 215km/h
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