Ghibli Genuine Accessories - Transport and Loading Solutions

Ski and snowboard Bag

Substantial enough for three pairs of skis, or a pair of skis and a snowboard, the Ski and Snowboard Bag is the perfect partner for your Ghibli on the slopes. With a rear seat folded down, the bag slots neatly into place, securely attached to a hook in the luggage compartment and to the rear seat with a sturdy strap. The bag can be extended by 30 cm to comfortably accommodate longer length skis.

Loading edge Protective Mat

Extending almost to ground level, this mat protects the edge of the luggage compartment and the rear bumper against the unavoidable bumps from heavy luggage. Designed in robust, nonflammable and water-repellent material, it will keep your paintwork and bodywork in immaculate condition for longer.

Luggage Compartment Foldable Box

Providing the most efficient use of space in the luggage compartment, the Foldable Box is the ideal place to store your smaller items safely. Beautifully designed and impressively versatile, with attachments and pockets, it’s both elegant and immensely versatile. Collapsing the two large compartments, it transforms into a Maserati branded leather-finish briefcase, to hold your important documents or a tablet.

Luggage Compartment Mat

The Luggage Compartment Mat is a perfect fit for the Ghibli, covering and protecting every inch of the carpet. The washable, waterproof material protects against water, snow, sand, oil or mud. The mat is elegantly decorated, echoing the lines of the car’s interior and recalling its sporty, stylish silhouette.
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