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Ghibli Genuine Accessories

By choosing the Ghibli, you’re demanding more from your drive: more luxurious relaxation; more thrilling enjoyment behind the wheel. Our range of accessories reflects that thirst for excellence, further enhancing the comfort, style and exhilarating driving experience of this truly extraordinary vehicle.
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The spine-tingling resonance of a Maserati engine makes it impossible to forget that the Ghibli is a luxury vehicle with a racing heritage. If you choose, you can emphasise the sportiness of your vehicle still further, creating a driving experience that’s rich in style and passion with accessories like Gearshift Paddles, Sport Pedal Covers or Exterior Carbon package.

Ghibli Accessories - Exterior carbon detailed packages - Front grille with Maserati Logo
Maserati Ghibli accessories - exterior detail
Maserati Ghibli accessories - door handle
Maserati Ghibli accessories - side mirror
Ghibli Accessories - Exterior carbon detailed packages - Rear spoiler
Maserati Ghibli accessories - Carbon Doorsill Plates
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Each wheel on the Ghibli is a small masterpiece, perfectly balanced, technologically advanced and eminently stylish. When you customise your wheels, you’ll discover the peak of pin-sharp handling and refined power your car can offer – and you’ll mark it with your own personal style.

Care and Protection

In a city full of sports sedans, the Ghibli stands out instantly. Its assertive grace, its air of racetrack excitement and the controlled power of its engine are all unmistakeable characteristics that mark it out as a Maserati. With our range of care accessories like the Outdoor Car Cover or Ghibli Branded Floor Mats you can keep your Ghibli in perfect condition, drawing all eyes wherever it goes.

Transport and Loading Solutions

Our practical accessories help you make the most of the ample luggage capacity in the Ghibli, whether you’re carrying suitcases for your family or just your jacket and briefcase. With accessories like the Loading Edge Protective Mat or even our Ski and Snowboard Bag, you can concentrate on enjoying your time behind the wheel.

Technology and Functionality

Whether you’re a driver or a passenger, a journey in a Ghibli is always time well spent. It’s a luxurious rest, a chance for quiet focus, or a moment of pure exhilaration as the engine roars. The range of technological and functional accessories, such as the Courtesy Lights with Logo, the Illuminated Doorsills as well as the Universal Tablet Holder, are designed to make the most of your time, maximizing the enjoyment you get from your luxury sports sedan.
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The Maserati Ghibli is inherently self-assured. With its natural elegance and dynamic power, you can be prepared for any situation. And we’ve designed a range of safety accessories, including Child Seats, to make you feel equally confident on your journey.

Some models, equipment and accessories may not be available or may only become available after the car’s launch on the market. Maserati reserves the right to modify colours, designs and technical features at any time and without prenotice. Official Maserati Dealers will be glad to provide further details and updates in this regard.

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