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Maserati Driving Courses

Become a Master Maserati

Our courses are expertly designed to allow you to progress through stages that mirror the world of competitive Formula 1 motor sport. This is why our opening On Track programme is called Practice and the pinnacle Master Maserati course is called Championship. Our two Off Track courses follow a similar upward path. Your learning curve will be immersive and rewarding. You’ll have expert one-to-one, on-board tuition, cutting-edge telemetry and video support and a seasoned team trained to ensure your comfort, well-being and safety every step of the way.



Make your first decisive move


Raise the intensity, raise the pace


Hit the track in a true race car, the GT4


Reach the top, get a taste of the legendary MC12 Versione Corse                 


Rally Shakedown

Take a drive on the wild side

Rally Power Stage

Immerse yourself in every possibility

Test Drive

Prenota un test drive.
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