Great design never gets old. Bold ideas always open new roads. 

Maserati Special Series may draw inspiration from our glorious past or may shape an unconventional vision of the future.

Special by definition. Audacious by attitude. Make your exclusive choice.

MC Edition MC Edition

MC Edition

Born to race on the track, bred to perform on the road.

The MC Edition Quattroporte, Levante and Ghibli celebrate the daring spirit that has always propelled us forward.

From the day that Maserati first hit the track in one of the most legendary races ever.

F Tributo Special Edition

A tribute to timeless style. A celebration of our wins in the world of motorsports. 

The Levante and Ghibli F Tributo Special Editions brings to life the passion and glory of our racing origins. 

Are you ready to take your most daring self to the grid?

F Tributo Special Edition F Tributo Special Edition
Fragment Design x Maserati Fragment Design x Maserati

Fragment Design x Maserati

Rules are broken. Ideas are merged. New forms emerge.

Harajaku street culture meets Modena to reshape conventions of pop culture and automotive design as we know them.

The result is a forward-looking Ghibli Special Edition signed by a global icon of streetwear. 

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