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Extra10 Warranty Program

Your Maserati was built to perform at the highest level: no matter whether you’re out for daily errands or on a cross-country adventure, you’ll never have to compromise on the excitement you get from your car.

Keep driving, we got you covered

To make sure that you’re always able to enjoy your Maserati experience without interruption, we have created the Extra10 Warranty program, that allows you to extend the warranty of the driveline components of your car through to the 10th year, with no limits on mileage.

What’s more, you can always count on our Official Maserati Dealerships, with highly skilled Maserati technicians, and for extra peace of mind, this program also includes Maserati Mobility services.1

Maserati Extra10 Warranty Program

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Download the Extra10 Warranty Program e-brochure

Discover all the details and take them with you, by downloading the Extra10 Warranty Program e-brochure.

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