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Maserati Digital Retail Experience

Welcome to OTO Retail
01_Maserati_OTO_Retail 01_Maserati_OTO_Retail

Maserati is inaugurating a new era for sales by integrating virtual and traditional experiences in the purchase process, resulting in the OTO Maserati Digital Retail project (‘OTO’ stands for “online to offline”, and vice versa).

OTO Retail is a new commercial proposal in close collaboration with dealerships, which offers an innovative customer experience.

The project adds digital tools to support sales, maintains the centrality of dealerships’ role and enables customers to personalise their purchase experience by deciding which aspects should be worked on in a Maserati car showroom and which others can be completed digitally.

Bernard Loire, Chief Commercial Officer at Maserati, noted: “The focus at Maserati is always on the customer, continuing the brand’s history of innovation and tradition, quality and exclusivity. We have therefore revamped our sales processes to arrive at an evolution of the customer journey. 

“The Brand wants to meet and exceed the expectations of customers, who will now be able to take advantage of an Omni-Channel experience”, Loire continued. “We believe that this type of offer – utilising the Maserati Fuoriserie programme to customise our cars – is the right response to the wishes of the new luxury consumer”.

The Omni-Channel approach and online customer journeys have changed purchasing behaviour, especially in the luxury segment where digital services have become key elements.

However, e-Commerce is only one part of the Maserati response. 

The boundaries between online shopping and physical points of sale are blurring to a greater and greater extent: Maserati is ready with a new retail model, where the new customer journey is seamlessly integrated, regardless of the customer's location. 

The digital approach is not only at home in front of a computer screen, but is also coming into physical stores more and more. On the one hand, virtual assistants are offering increasingly complete online services; on the other, physical sales space is being extended and enhanced with services, to reach customers anywhere. 

Maserati stores around the world will be gradually adopting this new design, starting next year with newly developed showrooms in Milan and Shanghai.

The personalisation of the customer journey is also becoming even more exclusive, with the option to sign up for the Maserati Fuoriserie programme, an integral part of the brand’s new retail concept. Launched in 2020, the customisation programme is designed to meet luxury consumers’ requirements, and makes each Maserati the perfect expression of their personal taste.

OTO Retail has recently been launched as a pilot project in the North American market.

Using this service, the Trident brand’s customers can take advantage of a series of digital touch points. These include “My Maserati Showroom” to make an online booking for your car, “My Maserati Expert” to request details or information, “Remote Test Drive” and “Multi-channel Service Booking". 

Customers can now configure and book their Maserati online, then complete the transaction at their chosen dealership.

My Maserati Showroom
Remote Test Drive
Maserati Quattroporte S and GTS parked in front of an Italian villa
Multi Channel Service Booking