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Luggage Compartment Mats

The Luggage Compartment Mat covers the floor of the Levante luggage compartment perfectly, leaving the anchors and optional luggage rails uncovered and accessible, or, in its full version, fitting the vehicle’s boot completely thanks to the raised edge. Washable, waterproof and 100% recyclable, the thermoplastic material protects the interior from water, smell, dirt and wear, assuring high-level quality, strength and flexibility.

Luggage Compartment Rails

If you didn’t originally configure your Levante with Luggage Compartment Rails, they can be easily retrofitted. They provide moveable connection points for anchoring your luggage, and allow you to use the Luggage Compartment Adaptive Divider to organise the compartment. Because they are recessed into the floor of the luggage compartment, they don’t reduce its capacity or compromise its look.

Luggage Compartment Adaptive Divider

The Luggage Compartment Adaptive Divider is the easy way to organise your packing and secure your luggage for a smooth ride. The divider slides on the Luggage Compartment Rails and fixes sturdily across the compartment at any point. Strong securing straps anchor your luggage to avoid sliding, with a quick release mechanism for fast unloading.

Luggage Compartment Foldable Box

Beautiful and versatile, the Luggage Compartment Foldable Box maximises the space in your luggage compartment, tidily storing your smaller belongings. The modular box forms two large compartments with attachments and pockets, either of which can be collapsed to provide more space for larger luggage. When both compartments are collapsed, the stylish accessory forms a Maserati branded leather-finish briefcase, suitable for carrying documents or a tablet.

Luggage Compartment Net

With the powerful acceleration in your Maserati, extra security for smaller items in the luggage compartment will sometimes be required. The double-layered Luggage Net attaches tightly to the four hooks in the luggage compartment floor, or to the optional luggage compartment rails. It keeps bags and sports equipment safely anchored so you can enjoy your drive without hesitation.

Loading Edge Protective Mat

This mat covers the edge of the luggage compartment and the rear bumper when loading or unloading your Levante, protecting the bodywork from damage. The material is hard-wearing, non-flammable, and thoroughly water-repellent.

Roof Rails

The Roof Rails form a sweeping line along the top of the Levante. They act as the connection point for the Roof Cross Bars, the key to preparing your vehicle for its more adventurous travels. If you didn’t originally configure your Levante with Roof Rails, they can be retro-fitted in either black or chrome colours.

Roof Box

The lightweight, capacious Roof Boxes increase the generous luggage space of the Levante by an extra 320, 410, or 460 litres according to your needs. Designed with an eye for style, their sleek aerodynamic curves mirror those of the vehicle itself. The box is secured with two locks, and opens from either side for easy loading and unloading.

Towbar Mounted Bike Carrier

Compact, lightweight, and straightforward to use, the Towbar Mounted Bike Carrier is a simple way to transport up to three bikes. The bike carrier attaches to the towbar hook at the back of the car with a convenient handle. When you need to open the luggage compartment, press the pedal to tilt the bikes out of your way. The bike carrier has a double locking system for extra security, attaching it to both the bicycles and the towbar system.

Roof Mounted Bike Carrier

The Roof Mounted Bike Carrier is designed to carry the most prized bike without a scratch to either it or your Levante. It supports the bike throughout your journey with three locking devices: one on the frame, with a padded clamp, and two on the wheels, with an adjustable diagonal quick release strap.

Roof Mounted Surfboard Carrier

Dynamic and exhilarating, the Levante is the perfect car for someone who loves to surf. Our Roof Mounted Surfboard Carrier attaches easily to the Roof Cross Bars and protects your board on the journey, with padded projections and strong straps to keep your equipment securely in place. It can carry a board and two masts.

Roof Mounted Ski & Snowboard Carrier

The Roof Mounted Ski & Snowboard Carrier is made of lightweight, aerodynamic aluminium. Its padded bars clamp your skis and snowboards gently and securely in place. When unloading, you can slide the equipment towards you and release it with the touch of a button, without taking off your gloves. The system carries up to six pairs of skis or four snowboards, and locks so you can leave them safely with your vehicle.

Ski & Snowboard Bag

The Maserati Ski & Snowboard Bag lets you carry three pairs of skis, or a pair of skis and a snowboard, securely inside the Levante. With one of the rear seats folded down, the bag rests in the luggage compartment and extends out into the passenger area. It attaches easily at a point in the luggage compartment, or to the anchors on the optional luggage rails, and to the rear seat with a sturdy strap. Depending on your skis, the bag can be extended in length by 30 cm.

Tow Hook

The robust, powerful Levante is eminently equipped to tow trailers so you can enjoy your free time. A genuine Maserati Tow Hook activates the intelligent towing capabilities: Trailer Sway Mitigation for improved stability, clutch calibration to control your oil temperature during uphill stretches, and all the systems that maximise your vehicle’s performance and safety, even in extreme conditions. The Tow Hook is easy to unlock and remove when not needed. To use the Tow Hook, your Levante must have Skid Plates installed.

Towing Mirror Extension

The Towing Mirror Extensions blend unobtrusively with the design of the Levante when towing, and detach easily when not in use.