The Maserati Family Fleet: Grecale takes to the streets


Modena, 15 February 2022 – A special event: Grecale is on the road ahead of the Global Première.

Grecale's energy is unstoppable and the new SUV is already covering many miles with the Maserati Family at the wheel: the “Everyday Exceptional” already forms part of the everyday lives of the Grecale’s designers, makers and those who have made it a reality.

This time, the Brand has selected a new look for the light camouflage featured on the cars of the Maserati Family Fleet: a series of messages offers a preview of the Grecale’s technical specifications. 

The camouflage features just one main message: “I’m the Maserati Grecale. I can’t tell you much more”.

Everyone’s questions will be answered and all of the missing information will be provided on 22 March.

Stay tuned.

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