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Sonus faber

The Italian Artisans of Sound
Maserati-Grecale-Modena-plancia_desktop Maserati-Grecale-Modena-plancia_mobile

Sonus faber

Sonus faber

Literally Artisan of Sound, is a name that embodies the profound essence of the company, whose mission is to find the perfect combination of cutting-edge technologies, skillful craftsmanship and refined design. The company is internationally recognized as a brand synonymous with Italian culture, craftsmanship and extreme performance and represents the excellence of the made in Italy in the audio high end market since its birth.​

Sonus faber loudspeakers systems are designed as true musical instruments; wooden cabinet, aluminum finishes and hand stitched leather inserts, make these products works of art with holding the elements that make the Italian company unique: precious materials, high craftsmanship and natural sound.

This unique and successful collaboration has been rooted since its very inception on simple yet fundamental shared elements: Italian excellence, performance and refinement. We couldn’t be more grateful for the seamless execution thanks to an outstanding teamwork, and we couldn’t be prouder of delivering our pluri-awarded Sonus faber natural sound to such an iconic car brand as Maserati.

Fiore Cappelletto – VP Automotive & Marine McIntosh Group​



Maserati and Sonus faber, both born in Italy, share common values and a deep appreciation for Italian culture. They are dedicated to delivering an exceptional brand experience, emphasizing luxury, performance, and innovation. By combining the power of Maserati's Tridente engine with the Natural Sound of the Sonus faber system, these brands maintain their strong reputations in the automotive and audio industries.​

In their pursuit of innovation, both Maserati and Sonus faber continually embrace new challenges and advance their technologies, ensuring that they provide luxury customers with top-tier products. These brands infuse the essence of Italy into their craftsmanship and design, setting the industry standards for luxury.​

Moreover, all Sonus faber sound systems in our vehicles have earned the prestigious EISA Award for the best in-car sound system, a historic achievement.


Maserati_SONUS FABER_AMATI_1920x1440
221880M(2)1 221880M(2)1mobile

Maserati Grecale

Maserati Grecale

In the Maserati Grecale, Sonus faber's renowned Natural Sound is expertly harnessed through cutting-edge technologies, reflecting the brand's iconic loudspeaker design philosophy.​

Two Sonus faber audio systems are featured in the Grecale: the Premium (standard) and the optional High Premium. Both are proudly Italian-designed, incorporating premium natural materials, resulting in a smooth frequency response and detailed soundstage, thanks to strategically placed independently driven speakers throughout the cabin. Powering these systems is a high-power Class-D Dual DSP amplifier with an oversized power supply.​

The Premium Audio System includes 14 independent speakers, delivering a robust 860W audio experience. For those seeking the utmost in sonic excellence, the optional High Premium Audio System boasts an impressive 21 independent speakers, generating a formidable 1285W of power.​

Additionally, the Grecale is the second vehicle to feature the Sonus faber audio system, offering two versions: Premium and High Premium. The latter has secured the EISA Award for the best in-car audio system of 2022/2023 for the second year in a row.

Weißer Maserati MC20 von der Seite mit offener Tür mc20_sideview_opendoors_vertical

Maserati MC20

Maserati MC20

The MC20, as the pioneer featuring the Sonus faber audio system, also clinched the esteemed EISA Award for the best in-car system in 2021/2022. It shares this exceptional system with the Cielo version, which includes automatic tuning based on the convertible top's position.​

This advanced audio setup features a 12-channel High Power Amplifier, delivering a robust 695 Watts of power. The system comprises 12 speakers, each meticulously designed in alignment with Sonus faber's "Natural Sound" philosophy, emphasizing organic materials like silk, used in the tweeters' dome.​

Sonus faber's precise tuning ensures a consistently natural, crystal-clear, and exceptionally detailed audio quality. It enables listeners to distinguish individual instruments on a virtual stage, evoking the emotional resonance of a live music performance.​

The Sonus faber audio system for the MC20's cabin is not merely designed but also engineered in Italy, embodying authentic Italian excellence. Together, they create an automotive experience seamlessly merging Italian heritage with cutting-edge technology.

Maserati_23053_SNF_MAS_GRANTURISMO_01_1920x1080 Maserati_23053_SNF_MAS_GRANTURISMO_01_810x1440

The MC20 Audio system

The MC20 Audio system

Introducing the Sonus faber audio system in the Maserati GranTurismo, marking our third collaboration. This exceptional audio system has once again won the EISA Award for best in-car audio for 2023-2024, a testament to its outstanding performance.​

The GranTurismo offers two Sonus faber audio system versions: Premium (standard) and High Premium.​

In the Premium version, there are 14 speakers delivering 860W of power for a captivating auditory experience.​

For those seeking sound excellence, the High Premium version has 19 speakers, producing 1195W of power. This version includes a 3D Surround feature, immersing you in a three-dimensional auditory landscape.​

Maserati's commitment to Sonus faber underscores their dedication to delivering powerful vehicles and an unparalleled audio experience. With the GranTurismo's audio system, you can expect a harmonious fusion of technology, Italian craftsmanship, and the pursuit of “Natural Sound," creating an auditory experience reminiscent of a live performance, with every instrument and vocal detail distinct to the listener.


About Sonus faber

Sonus faber is a designer and manufacturer of high-end audio technology, founded in 1983 in Italy’s Veneto region, world-renowned for luxury goods manufacturing. Latin for “Artisan of Sound”, Sonus faber expertly informs their state-of-the-art audio engineering with the traditions of Italian design expertise, hand-producing speakers with design cues inspired by centuries of musical instruments, crafted from organic materials such as wood and leather to reproduce sound as the artist intended. Marrying the artisanal beauty of the past with the technology of the future, Sonus faber audio systems deliver natural, immersive, three-dimensional sound from beautiful, hand-designed speakers built to last for decades.