MC20-cielo-Emergency-Kit MC20-cielo-Emergency-Kit
Emergency Kit
The Emergency Kit contains everything needed to stay safe at the roadside. Coming in an elegant black case embellished with the Maserati Logo, it fits into the MC20 front bonnet compartment. The kit includes: hazard triangle, reflective vest, first aid kit, gloves, ice scraper. The items in the kit may vary from country to country.
MC20-cielo-Security-Stud-Bolt-Kit MC20-cielo-Security-Stud-Bolt-Kit
Security Stud Bolt Kit
Add more safety to your wheel rims with the black-finished bolts. Functional and paired to the wrench in the kit, they cannot be removed by any other tool. The full kit protects all your wheel rims and includes the wrench and four security bolts.
MC20-cielo-Indoor-Car-Cover MC20-cielo-Indoor-Car-Cover
Indoor Car Cover
Cover with style your MC20 Cielo with the exclusive Indoor Car Cover. Specifically designed for this super sport car, the cover features the iconic logo repeated to form an unmistakable pattern. Made of breathable bi-elastic material and with a soft napped fabric lining, it enables a perfect snug fit, maintaining the MC20's unique style even when safely covered up in your garage.
MC20-cielo-Protective-Films MC20-cielo-Protective-Films
Protective Films
Essential on a high-performance vehicle, the Protective Films allow to enjoy an exhilarating drive without hesitation, shielding the paintwork from any damage. Make sure you can appreciate the performance that your MC20 has to offer, knowing that your super sport car won’t suffer any consequences. Perfectly transparent and made to measure, they are available in matt or glossy version and can be removed easily without leaving any trace behind.
MC20-cielo-Microfiber-Cloth MC20-cielo-Microfiber-Cloth
Microfiber Cloth
Keeping your Maserati Touch Control display free from fingerprints is a simple matter with the specific Microfiber Cloth. The new MC20 pattern is specially designed to clean and protect your touchscreen and keep it completely smear-free.
MC20-cielo-Luggage-Set MC20-cielo-Luggage-Set
Luggage Set
The incomparable luxury of Ermenegildo Zegna Italian design is reflected in this unique luggage set. Made of Nylon and PelletessutaTM and embellished with a black Trident logo at the front, the set comprises five pieces that fit the MC20 luggage compartment: holdall, shoe case, garment bag, toiletry bag, mini clutch. 

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