GranCabrio Genuine Accessories - Care and Protection

Outdoor Car Cover

Keep your Maserati pristine when parked outdoors with our most technologically advanced Outdoor Car Cover. Breathable, stretchable fabric flexes with the wind, hugging the bodywork whatever the weather conditions. No tension, no flapping, no rattling – complete protection. The sleek, subtle light grey cover is embellished with the Trident logo, the Maserati brand name and the vehicle model. The highlights on the three side air vents add a hint of Maserati style.

Indoor Car Cover

When safely enveloped in its Maserati blue Indoor Car Cover, your GranCabrio appears almost as striking as it does on the road. The cover fits like a second skin, highlighting the car’s smooth lines and elegant details. Its high quality, anti-laddering fabric protects the bodywork, rims and tyres from dust and damage. When you’re ready to escape the garage, it packs neatly into a branded bag.

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