The Kyalami indicated at the same time the end and the beginning of an era. It was the last Maserati coupé equipped with the illustrious V8 engine and it was the first developed under the new ownership of Alejandro De Tomaso. The Kyalami was actually based on De Tomaso’s own Longchamp model, but the Ford-Cleveland V8 was removed in favour of Maserati’s own four-cam V8, and the original design from Tom Tjaarda was elegantly reworked by Frua. Only 200 units were produced of this car that was named after the South African race track where the Maserati-engined Cooper Formula 1 cars scored an important win almost ten years earlier.

Data sheet Kyalami 4.2 Kyalami 4.9
Model code Tipo AM129 Tipo AM129/49
Body type 2-door, 4-seater coupé 2-door, 4-seater coupé
Design Frua Frua
Production years 1976 - 1983 1976 - 1983
Maserati era De Tomaso De Tomaso
Numbers produced 125 75
Chassis Steel platform chassis Steel platform chassis
Dry / kerb weight 1,550 / 1, 750kg 1,550 / 1, 750kg
Engine configuration 90° V8, double overhead camshaft 90° V8, double overhead camshaft
Displacement 4,136cc 4,930cc
Maximum power 265hp @ 6,000rpm 280hp @ 5,600rpm
Top speed 240km/h 240km/h