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Pickup & Delivery and Courtesy Car services

Get on with your day while your car is being serviced at your trusted Maserati Dealership: personalize your Maserati experience with our Pick-up & Delivery and Courtesy Car programmes.
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Freedom Uninterrupted

Freedom Uninterrupted

We know how valuable your time is, this is why we have created the Pick-Up & Delivery program.

Available at any time, directly at home, with the Pick-up & Delivery service, the time for maintenance ceases to be an obstacle.

You only have to book this service at your trusted official Dealership and they will take care of picking-up and dropping-off your Maserati at your preferred address.

The Pick-Up & Delivery service is applicable to all vehicles for any service within a certain distance from the dealership. 1

Emotion Unlimited

Emotion Unlimited

With the Courtesy Car service, you can keep enjoying a Maserati while your car is at your trusted Maserati Dealership. Time is one of the most valuable things and we believe that you should never have to compromise your personal commitments.

Keep making the most of your Maserati experience while your car is being serviced by our skilled technicians: with our Courtesy Car program you may also get the chance to take an exciting step into the Maserati world, discovering the newest models of the range.

Download the Pick-up & Delivery and Courtesy Car e-brochures

Maintain the matchless Maserati customer standards by downloading our Pick-up & Delivery and the Courtesy Car Brochures.

Around the world

Visit your specific region Maserati website for the latest Pick-up & Delivery and Courtesy Car information and offers