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Master Maserati
Driving Experience


Furious and glued to the road. The aerodynamics of the MC20 have been developed with the most advanced engineering techniques and obsessing over every single detail, even the underbody.


Max power: 630 HP
Max speed: >325 km/h
Acceleration: <2,9 sec
Engine Layout: V6
Traction: RWD
Displacement: 3000 cc

MC20 MC20
Ghibli Trofeo Ghibli Trofeo

Ghibli Trofeo

With 580hp and had a top speed of 326KM/h, the Trofeo is the most powerful Ghibli ever.


Max power: 580 HP
Max speed: 326 km/h
Acceleration: 4.3 sec
Engine Layout: V8
Traction: RWD
Displacement: 3799 cc

Levante Trofeo

V8 power, supreme elegance. Experience the Art of Fast in the most powerful Levante.


Max power: 580 HP
Max speed: 304 km/h
Acceleration: 3.9 sec
Engine Layout: V8
Traction: AWD
Displacement: 3799 cc

Levante Trofeo Levante Trofeo
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