Levante Augmented Reality Experience

Levante Augmented Reality Experience presented at Shanghai AS 2017
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A new way to experience the Maserati of SUVs

The Shanghai Motor Show - from 21 to 28 April 2017 - was the first stage on which Maserati presented the new Levante Augmented Reality Experience, an interactive adventure for those who want to know more about the SUV by exploring it digitally.

It has been developed with Google's Tango Technology, an Augmented Reality computing platform which uses 3D mapping and physical space measurement to detect position, enabling people to walk around a full scale virtual car and even explore what it’s like inside.

Tango in fact gives devices such as the Lenovo Phab2 Pro the ability to understand their position relative to the world around them. It’s similar to how human beings use their eyes in the daily lives to know exactly where they are inside closed spaces, with the only difference that instead of brain, cerebellum and nerves, Tango uses three core technologies - Motion Tracking, Area Learning and Depth Perception – to locate any digital object in a real environment.

This technology is still not available on a large scale, but that in the future will probably become more and more important for people’s relationship with reality.

Watch the Levante Augmented Reality Experience in action

With the Tango based Maserati Levante’s intuitive light configurator tool, users can select their preferred features, customize all its elements, such as the exterior and interior packages, and interact with their car. Almost any detail of Levante can in fact be explored: from the steering wheel to the back seats, from the wheel rims to the dashboard. And that’s not all: you can even turn on the lights, explore under the hood and hear the exciting sound of the Levante engine when it is started.

As a result, the selections will appear in the augmented reality application and can be visualized in 3D, even without the physical presence of the vehicle. A technologically new and pioneering way for all Maserati lovers to try out their own Levante before taking it home.

Augmented reality was shown to be not only about entertainment, but can actually revolutionize the consumers’ shopping experience.

The Levante Experience tries to anticipate this revolution, by creating a more engaging fusion between technology and reality. In full Maserati style.

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