1972 – 1983
In astronomy, Merak is a star in the constellation of Ursa Major, that’s clearly visible to the naked eye. And Maserati’s response to the radical market change going on in the early 70s had to be equally brilliant. Introduced at the 1972 Paris Auto Show, over a year after the launch of the Bora, the Maserati Merak was meant to be Masearti’s answer to fuel crisis. The more compact dimensions of the powertrain let enough room to carve out a second row of seats, making the Merak one of the first mid-engined 2+2 coupés. Many other versions followed. In 1976, a lighter and more powerful version was presented, the Merak SS. One year later, heavy taxation on cars with engines larger than 2 litres made Maserati rethink and redesign its car which would come out as Merak 2000GT, easily recognisable by its black striping. This combination of sensational design and economic engine choices made the Merak a real best-seller in Maserati’s history.

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