1974 – 1982
Following a well-established Maserati’s tradition, the new new 2+2 coupé produced between 1974 and 1982 was called Khamsin, which literally means “fifty”: in fact, the Khamsin is a hot, violent gust, blowing in the Egyptian desert and Israel for fifty days a year. The Khamsin was a remarkable vehicle: not only it was the last work of Giulio Alfieri as head of Maserati’s engineering department, but through this car, Maserati introduced a different way of designing and building a sports coupé to see if it would be accepted by a demanding yet sometimes conservative public. The Trident’s cars were renowned for their sobriety and their class: with the Khamsin, Maserati wanted to put some flashiness into play. Styled by Bertone and designed by Gandini, this sports coupé was a compact flashback-hatchback with a linear body characterised by a visible line moving up on the flanks. Furthermore, a pyramid-like roof group was meant to convey the sense of a simple yet aggressive car.

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