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Sonus faber

Sonus faber

Literally handcrafted sound, is a name that embodies the profound essence of the company, whose mission is to find the perfect combination of cutting-edge technologies, skillful craftsmanship and refined design. The company is internationally recognized as a brand synonymous with Italian culture, craftsmanship and extreme performance and represents the excellence of the made in Italy in the audio high end market since its birth.

Sonus faber loudspeakers systems are designed as true musical instruments; wooden cabinet, aluminum finishes and hand stitched leather inserts, make these products works of art with holding the elements that make the Italian company unique: precious materials, high craftsmanship and natural sound.




Born in Italy, Maserati and Sonus faber are connected by common values, a love for the Italian culture and a commitment to delivering an extraordinary brand experience with luxury, performance and innovation at the forefront. Combining the roar of the Tridente engine and the natural sound of the Sonus faber system, each brand, despite their continuous evolution, remain rooted in tradition and devoted to maintaining their stellar reputations in the automotive and audio industries. Defining innovation as the desire to face new challenges, Maserati and Sonus faber continue to look towards the future by expounding on technological advancements that offer its luxury clientele the caliber of product synonymous with both brands. Setting the standard in the luxury space, Maserati and Sonus faber fuse the spirit of Italy into its craftsmanship and design; solidifying each brand’s position in their respective markets.
Maserati Dreizack Symbol am Kühlergrill des MC20
Weißer Maserati MC20 von der Seite mit offener Tür MC20 Sideview

Maserati MC20

Maserati MC20

Is the only model in the world currently in production with Sonus faber sound system. It features 12 channels High Power Amplifier with 695 Watts of power and 12 speakers with specific characteristics in order to stay true to the Sonus faber philosophy, which is the ultimate pursuit of “natural sound”, creating a sound reproduction that implies the use of natural materials like the silk used for the tweeters’ dome.

Thanks to the specific Sonus faber tuning, the sound results always natural, clear and detailed giving the listener the ability to distinguish the different instruments on the stage, with the emotion of experiencing a live music performance.

Sonus faber audio system for the Maserati MC20 vehicle cabin is designed and engineered in Italy just like Maserati: Tradition, Innovation, Power and Sound come together bringing to life the real Italian excellence.

Dashboard und Armaturenbrett des Maserati MC20

The audio system

The audio system

Sonus faber natural sound is delivered by consistent application of key technologies and philosophy design approach as found in Sonus faber award-winning home loudspeakers.

Signature ‘Voice of Sonus faber’ sound is achieved by optimizing the phase and amplitude alignment between midrange and tweeter.

Sonus faber technicians optimize the final voicing by ear - to ensure an amazing emotional listening experience for the customer.

Natural materials and Sonus faber proprietary loudspeaker design and construction are used to deliver the brand’s unique tonal balance throughout the vehicle cabin.

Unprecedent dynamic range delivered by a high power 695-watt Class-D Dual 400MHz DSP amplifier with oversized power supply delivering twice the current required from the amplifier at maximum volume.

Smooth frequency response and a precise sound stage is enabled by 12 independently driven speakers: 3 Tweeters x 45W, 3 Midranges x 60W, 2 Surround Tweeters x 45W, 2 Surround Midranges x 45W and 2 Woofers x 100W.

Sonus faber Audiosystem und Lautsprecher im Maserati MC20

About Sonus faber

Founded in Vicenza in 1983, Sonus faber is an Italian manufacturer of handcrafted high-end loudspeaker systems. Born from the idea of a man who loved music and its correct reproduction, the company today is internationally recognized as a brand synonymous with Italian culture, craftsmanship and extreme performance.

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